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Trick or Trip

We were inside playing NBA Live 2003, when the drugs began to take hold.

We were inside playing NBA Live 2003, when the drugs began to take hold. It was me Brian (2nd time tripper) Reid (first timer) Nick (tripped a few)and Chris (first timer). Little did we know that this would be one of the most memorable nights of our life.

"I think its time to go enjoy the effects" I said, and everyone agreed. So we all got on some crazy clothes (It was Haloween) and went walking. We didnt get far though because our freind Jeremy drove up with a bunch of people. We stayed outside and socialized, if you can call it that. All the shroomers were just talking to each other, and eventually the non shroomers left.

It was then that the trip really started, the ground was making amazing patterns, and I stared at a white brick for 15 min. The brick started to move and change colors, then it turned into rice. That really tripped me out and i decided that I needed to tell everyone what i had just seen. When i approched them i had forgotten what it was that i wanted to tell them, but reid would tell me something that i would never forget. He said "What is 3 in latin." "Tri" I replied. "And what is road?" "Viam" I said. "The word trivia, comes from latin meaning 3 roads" Reid said, so now everytime i hear that word I see 3 roads in my head.

It was about that time that we all decided to go on the golf course and smoke some weed. So we walked there talking about what ever came to our heads, which was some pretty weird stuff. I came to the realization that we are standing on a planet which is in space. After some walking we stopped and nick whipped out a joint. we passed that for a while untill it was done and then i busted out a bowl and some dank Gani bud. We each took some hits of that, and it was then that i realized that i was the most messed up i have ever been. The lake i was standing next to stating breathing and changing colors. The lights off in the distance looked like millions of white lines coming directly at me. I stared off in the distance for a long while, only to notice that reid had left the group and gone somwhere.

Franticly we all looked for Reid, who was nowhere to be found. Im gonna have to say that looking for someone on a golf course in the middle of the night tripping on shrooms and being high as shit is not an easy thing to do. But somehow I spotted him, he was hugging a tree, so we all went up and hugged it to. Reid said " Ive never really looked at a tree like this before, this tree was once a little seed and look at it now. This hundred or so foot tree is earth coming up, earth saying fuck you gravity, earth showing its power." He was totally right, and ill never look at a tree the same way ever again.

After that Reid, Brian, and I decided to go back to reids house and Chris and Nick wanted to continue the adventure on the golf course.

Getting back into the house could not have been more complicated. When we approched the house from the back yard we could see that a car was leaving reids house and we could hear his dad talking whoever was leaving. Not wanting to be spotted, we hid behind a wall. Reids dad screams "Reid" and it is then that for some reason we think were caught. Thank god reid didnt reply cuase we would have been in big trouble becuase we were all tripping balls and cant be spotted coming from the golf course into reids back yard. After his dad screams we hear him walking back to where we were. This is the most scared i have ever been in my life. It ends up his dad was just putting up some trash, but the trash can was about a foot away from us. Somehow he didnt see or hear us, and when he got back inside we booked it to the golf course. We paniced and couldnt decide which way to go back home. But we ended up just walking out onto reids street in into his house.

When we got in there I ate some jello and got something to drink. Reids sisters freind comes into the kitchen where im sitting and asks "What are you?" I had no idea what to say, was she questioning my that i am human or even that i am alive i thought to myself. Realizing how dumb i was the girl said "For Haloween." "Ohhhhh, Im nothing" i said and she walked off. Wow what are you, what i powerful question I thought to myself. I came to realize that i dont know what i am, other than human.

Not much happend after that. I looked at a picture of trees and say them become alive and moving. And Reid, Brian, and I just talked about weird shit till about 1 or 2 in the morning. I went to sleep a lot more wise that night, and I have mushrooms to thank for that.

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