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Trees melting!

I got ahold of some fresh shrooms from my friend.

I got ahold of some fresh shrooms from my friend. He know a friend who grows this shit. I got about 2.3 to 2.6 grams of recently picked shrooms. They were Nice Psilocybe cubensis... Anyway, I took them (free) and went over to my other friend's house (who is a weed freak). I wanted to do these tonight, and he let me stay the night over at his house. My parents are home, his arent't, they went to a party FAR from here and they wont be back until sometime in the morning (like around 2 or 3). I showed my friend my stash of shrooms and we wanted to get some, so i called up my bud and he kicked me down about 4 and 1/2 shrooms for $17 since this wasn't me who is buying it, but my friend... Anyway, we ordered a pizza at about 8 o'clock, the sun is just about to set, took about 40 minutes for the pizza man to come. We sliced up all of our shrooms and put it all over the pizza, we finished it at about 9:15.

Right after we ate all the pizza, we went to smoke a small bowl of weed (he had a little left). The weed was alright, gave me a strong buzz. We went to the living room and put on some electronica (chemical brothers in particular, good band). About a quarter way into the CD, I started feeling the first effects of it, a sort of audio difference, kinda cool... My friend didn't feel anything yet and he had more than me. Anyway at the end of the CD on the song 'Private Psychedelic Reel' it all sounded pretty good, I started laughing a bit (no reason really), my friend joined me. At the very end of the CD, we tried to stop laughing and went outside just to get some fresh air.

As soon as I got outside, I felt so different, my friend felt the same, we wanted to go around the block a few times, so we started walking. It was not all that hard to walk, but keeping a conversation was a hard task. at about 10:30, we were still walking, and then I saw the street lights and it was moving like crazy, cool shit... After that we were both staring at the lights in front of us, the street looked like a cartoon to me, not exactly but pretty close. As we were walking down the street those lights were getting closer, and closer, and closer....... until we knew it was a car! then jumped out of the way, the guy honked and yelled at use 'n shit... we just kept on walking... at about 11:20 we were going at our fullest, then I saw this tree, it was funky looking.... I stared at it some more and it started to stretch out and move, breathe, it was pretty fuckin weird stuff... We walked pass it and about 20-30 feet away, I took a look at it, WoaH! it looked like a shroom, I thought I heard it talking to me, but I don't remember all that well...

About 12:30, we were still outside, walkin, in a local track, until we saw some flashin lights get closer to us, OH SHIT, we knew it was the cops.... we stood there, like idiots, the car approached us, the poice man got out of the car... He talked to us and said that there we people making a lot of noise around here and told us to go home now. It sounded like we was talking through a tube, it was kinda funny. luckily he didn't give us a ticket, dont know why he didn't know we were fucked, because I was about to shit my pants when that cop got out of the car, we headed home after that.

While we were heading home at about 1:15. I crossed that tree again, you know that shroom lookin thing, it looked similar than what I saw last time. It's 1:30, "OH SHIT, GOTTA GET BACK HOME," said my friend... We darted to his house, at about 1:50, we got home, his parents wern't home yet, phew.... We started to get pretty tired, he put on an ambient cd.... pretty hypnotic.... he fell asleep fast, I was lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling for a good 5 minutes, then fell asleep also....

Over all, it kicked ass, I have done shrooms twice before, this was the best time ever, I had done LSD a few times also, pretty similar, shrooms are more mellow, moving, one with the earth feeling. LSD is the sharp feeling, more uptempo kinda thing.... I recommend shrooms if you're a beginner at this sort of thing...

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