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Trees have Souls?

One day last summer I was looking for some good bud and called a friend of mine who could usually help me out with matters like these.

One day last summer I was looking for some good bud and called a friend of mine who could usually help me out with matters like these. He said he had a bit of kind bud, but not a lot, and that he also had some shrooms. I'd been interested in shrooms for quite a while, but just never got the change to try them, so I jumped at the opportunity and headed over to his house to check them out. He told me that he had tripped pretty well the night before on about a gram and a half, so I bought a little over two grams with the money I had and merrily went on my way.

I was planning to split the two grams with a friend of mine and ease my way into my first trip, just to get the hang of shrooms before I really delved into them. As the night came nearer, I started to feel more courageous and was confident that I could handle it myself. I am usually a very relaxed person, and I figured that I wouldn't have any problem keeping myself calm while tripping.

I broke the shrooms up and mixed them in with a smoothie, which was actually quite tasty. Every once in a while I got a pretty big chunk, which didn't taste great, but they were a lot better than I had expected. I was with three other guys, none of whom had tripped before, and all who were completely sober at the time. They were just getting booze and bud for the night, and were having a few people over to hang out on the golf course that is connected to the house that we were staying at.

About 30 minutes later, I went with the guy who's house it was, Josh, to pick someone up in the convertible that he was borrowing from his mom. While we were driving, I started laughing at anything and everything I saw. He asked if I was tripping yet, and I said that I was just feeling really good. I had been a bit anxious before this, but after I started laughing, I just felt great. We came up to a house and got out to ring the doorbell and get Molly, and I felt like like I was incredibly light as we were walking up to the door. She came out and I had a huge smile on my face. She asked me what was up with the giddy face and I just burst into laughter. Josh explained that I had taken some shrooms and they were just beginning to kick in, and she got very excited and hugged me.

We got into the car and headed back to Josh's, and I felt like a traveler at the beginning of a great journey. I sensed that I had a mission of the upmost importance. We got back to the house to find that the alcohol had arrived along with a few other people. We went out onto the golf course and the chaos began. There were 6 or 7 people, and after everyone (except for me) had a few shots and took a few hits of weed, we started running through the sprinklers.

This was during the summer, so it was still about 80 degrees out. I was wearing a blue shirt that I had bought at a thrift store a few days before for a dollar, and has been my favorite shirt ever since this night. As we ran through the sprinklers and got completely soaked, I randomly had an urge to just walk off. I walked back towards the house and saw Caleb standing there. He was smoking a ciggarette and laughing at the scene in front of him. We had a really strange conversation, and I wished him well with his night and began to walk the other way.

A few steps later I looked at the ground and noticed a multitude of faces in the soft golf course grass. I looked at them for a minute, and realized that they looked intensely sad. I felt a huge wave of grief come over me and wanted their sadness to go away. I looked back up and kept walking. All of a sudden, I noticed a voice in my head. "Take off your shoes to comfort the grass. They will appreciate it." Instantly, I knew that it had come from the tree a bit in front of me. I looked up at it and was astonished by it's size and beauty. The thick trunk separated into three large branches, which broke off into tons more, and it was very tall. I could see what I interpreted to be a face in the upper trunk. I took off my shoes, and looked down at the grass. The faces all immediately turned very joyous. As I took my socks off and rubbed my bare feet against the grass, the grass seemed even happier. I could sense the love it felt for me. I looked at the tree and, not outloud, but in my head, asked how it became so wise. We had a conversation for a few minutes in our heads, never speaking a word outloud, and it told me that it was the master tree of all of the trees in the area. He explained that he was not the boss of the trees, but rather just one of the oldest and wisest that was the leader of the others. He said that he was no better than any of them (the other trees), but that he had just experienced more. He told me that I could talk with the other trees as well, and that as long as I showed them love, that they would watch out for me. I thanked him and walked away. I was astonished, but I felt absolutely great. I walked a while and eventually went up to another tree and said hello (using my newfound ESP powers of course.) It greeted me as well and told me that I had been chosen for a very important, but also very tough, task. It told me that there was a great war waging. It said that the war was between the things on the earth that are natural, and those that are unnatural and harmful to nature and mankind. It told me that I must fight this war if I wanted the Earth that I loved to last. It also told me that though the Earth never fought back, it was impossible for the other side to win. It said that if the other side won and conquered the earth with it's selfishness and greed, the earth would be destroyed too badly for anything to exist on it anymore. It said that the only way was to bring back the natural way of life and to live in harmony with nature. I walked off and headed back towards the other people I had been with earlier. I was astonished. I felt like I had gained so much knowledge and could handle anything. I was upset with myself for not always being on the right side of the war before. I thought of all the times I had littered and harmed the earth out of laziness and was ashamed of myself. Then I realized that I couldn't change the past and might as well not dwell on it.

As I came up to my friends, they all turned and looked at me. They were obviously (even to me) all at least partially drunk or stoned, and Molly asked me how the trip was going. I told her that it was wonderful and that it was an incredibly great experience so far. She asked me to explain everything that had been happening so far, and I said that I couldn't explain it to a group because my thought waves would be dispersed too greatly for any of them to completely understand me. I told her that I had to talk to them one at a time for them to truly understand what I was experiencing. Josh told me to come with him and that he would understand. Josh and I are close friends, and I felt comfortable talking to him, so we went off and I explained everything to him. I then went back to the group and told all of them, but no one but Josh really seemed to understand. The others were sort of intrigued by it, but Josh really understood what I was trying to say.

All of a sudden, I noticed something very strange. I happened to be looking at something but not really noticing anything, and I saw a very light, slightly infrared, and barely noticeable line of chinese writing. I looked closer and realized that there were thousands of lines, all in different languages. It was in incredibly tiny print and seemed to be sort of a net in between me and the rest of the world. If I was looking directly at something in the real world, I didn't notice it, but the more I looked at nothing in particular, the more I noticed these lines of writing. I didn't see anything that I recognized, but rather thousands of different languages and thousands of different lines of text. I told the other people what I was seeing, but it only confused them. I tried to read the text but it was slowly scrolling, and I had no way to interpret any of the languages I was seeing. I thought that this was the entire history of the world or all of the knowledge that could possibly be known or something of incredible importance.

I eventually became frustrated with trying to figure out what it was saying and gave up. I walked off on my own again and saw a donkey in the distance. I started sprinting towards it, in hope that it would take me somewhere that I could continue my journey, but when I reached it, I realized that it was a golf ball-cleaner. I went ballistic. I started kicking and punching it and after a failed attempt to pull it out of the ground, I spit on it and walked off. I had short conversations with trees as I walked around, and thanked them for their commitment to helping the Earth. Many of them informed me that they were proud to have me learn of the great war and felt that I could make a difference if I dedicated myself to it.

After a while, I ran into Josh, I'm not sure where, and he told me that he had a story to tell me. He told me a story of a boy who was searching for a treasure, and went all around the world looking for it, and ended up finding it exactly where he had started looking. This was obviously a very shortened version of the story, which lasted about 10-15 minutes. The entire time that he was telling me about it, I envisioned myself in it and truly saw myself as this boy in my mind. It got me thinking, and I realized that I didn't have to travel to know the world and find happiness. I realized that I could be just as happy sitting down in front of a tree as I could be traveling all around the world doing things.

After a while, we headed back to the group. We were all talking for a while, and Chelsea asked me to walk around with her and explain the war. We walked off into a direction that I hadn't been yet and I told her everything that I had felt and experienced so far that night. We sat down in the grass, and were having an incredibly sober conversation. I thought that I was beginning to come down, and was a little sad. I laid back, and looked up at the sky. Above me was a huge tree, and all of a sudden it moved. The branches didn't just shake, the tree actually moved. The whole thing. I shot up and stared at it. It would start to move everytime I looked away, then stop when I looked at it.

All of a sudden I heard a huge eruption of laughter inside of my head and heard the tree say "Gotcha!" I told Chelsea that I couldn't sit still anymore and that I would meet her back by the house with the other people after I took care of some business. I sprinted over to one of the greens of the holes on the course and started dancing. I looked up at the sky and spun around, and then started doing cartwheels. I had never felt this happy in my life. I took my shorts off, and realized that I was already missing my shirt, and I sprinted around, dancing and singing, in a state of complete satisfaction and joy. I ran back to the other people and jumped around with incredibly energy. I loved everything. I loved everyone. I felt that I could make even the most bitter enemies become best friends with the knowledge and love that I posessed. I went inside for the first time since I had started tripping and saw Alex and Sellon on the computer talking to people. I was completely astonished as how it was working. I burst into laughter and told them how silly it was that they were slapping a sheet of plastic with their fingers to communicate with other people. I told them to talk to people in person so that they could truly experience them.

Drunkenly, they told me that they told me that the people were coming over and that I could experience them as much as I wanted, as long as I found them some girls to get ass from. I laughed and told them that the secret to girls was to truly not to care whether or not it became sexual. They started laughing and such, and I told them that I was in a different world, but that I would go to the drunken world again sometime soon. I began to feel very confined and had an urge to go back outside.

I went back outside and walked around for a while, but I could tell that I was getting very tired. I asked someone what time it was, and they said that it was almost 3. I had taken the shrooms almost 5 hours earlier and I sensed that the effects were beginning to wear off. I went back inside, slapped the plastic and communicated with some people, but it felt too weird so I just laid down on a bed. I closed my eyes and was amazed at the visuals that I saw. It was a neverending string of abstract shapes and colors flowing with complete perfection. Someone ordered pizza, and I kept looking at the visuals until the pizza came. I ate my pizza, and it was absolutely delicious. I laid back down, looked at the visuals for a while longer, and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, and looked back on my experience. It was an incredibly good time. I loved every minute of it, and I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind and at least moderate self control. Being outside with nature was a must at all times for me, but I have heard others say that they liked being inside better.

As I write this, I am on the eve of my second trip. If it is even half as enjoyable as the first, it will be an amazing time.

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