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Trees & Bubblegoosin

My whole night began as a huge party for one of my friends birthday.

My whole night began as a huge party for one of my friends birthday. The cops were supposed to bust us at our first location, so we moved it at the last minute to this guys woods. The woods were pretty cool, there was a big fire goin, and plenty of beer and jungle juice. Everyone was smokin weed and havin a good time.

One of my friends was gonna get some acid (he had taken his first hit earlier that day at school) and i decided to take some too for my first time. We went out to my car to cut it up and take it. I got two hits my friend got three. I lost one, but soon found it which made me a lot happier. Then another friend wanted some, and another. By the time the party was dying out, about 7 of us were trippin. We went back to the birthday girls house and were tweakin in her barn when a kid showed up all the sudden with some sugar cubes. I hadn't started trippin that hard so i figured it was bunk shit. I put my jacket down as collatoral and got a sugar cube. This is when it really kicked in.

One of my friends was climbing on the cieling boards like a fuckin monkey and everyone was havin a good time. I found a little pink bike with flat tires and rode it out making a scary noise. EVERY MUTHER FUCKER IN THE BARN FLIPPED OUT SAID THEY ALMOST PEED THEIR PANTS,I guess i fucked with them bad.

By this time it was about 1:30 a.m. and we were trippin balls. We were told we had to leave so we headed down the driveway and "crashed" in the end of her yard. We didn't actually crash but we just stopped the car and got out for some reason. We all re-united at the end of her yard and then decided we had to leave. My gas pedal felt like water and i didn't even realize i was floorin it. (driving is FUCKED UP!!!)

We ended up back at the original woods and got out. We decided it would be like Lord of The Flies on acid, considering we were in the open woods trippin. We made our way to a deer blind that was spiral and domeshaped. It was kind of a downer because it spiraled down and i just didnt like it in there. We started walkin around and drinkin some liquer. My friends thought that they could feel electricity in their bodies from power lines (but they were trippin balls at this point so i cant fully believe them). All the sudden we heard a pack of coyotes fighting and went off in search of them. I wandered into a pricker bush and started kicking and swating at them. I realized that there was nothing there and moved on. My feet sank into the ground like walking on water, and we just turned back.

We got back and started a fire to keep warm. The one thing i can remember like the back of mny hand is the trees. They moved back and forth and the branches bent and twisted however they wanted. One tree went straight up and bent at a 90 degree angle (it was perfectly straight in real life). We wandered around field and found "portals" into different trips. There was one little white shack with dark evil windows and that fucked with me. There was also a tree stump with a bike seat stuck in it that we found. That was just wierd. My friend told me to lay on my back in the field and look at the moon. I did and everything melted together and seemd to be "bleeding."

The funniest part of the night was when i ripped a juicy fart. We tried to describe it and give it a name. I called it a piss-fart (the kind of fart you have when you are pissing), and my other friend called it a "bubblegoosin." We had no idea what he was talking about and just started laughing our asses off.

Eventually we headed out to Meijer and i was still having visuals. We walked in and all the colors tweaked with my mind. There was a huge floor cleaner driving around and that fucked with me too. I think just about every single employee in the store stared at us and kept walkin by so we left. Eventually i made my way back home, cleaned up, and felt as good as i have ever felt.

Overall, A FUCKIN FUN TRIP!!!!!!

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