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Toys I Have Known

Shag 4 friends and I bought a Chicago style pizza and placed about 2.

4 friends and I bought a Chicago style pizza and placed about 2.5g of azures in a slice. We consumed our slabs and kicked back to play cards. Within 15 minutes we started to feel the effects. About an hour later I realized we weren't tripping that hard. We again consumed about 1g each. Total consumption = 3.5g of azures. Another half an hour later we again placed another .5g within our cheeks. Total consumption now 4g. Within a matter of minutes a big wall of plaid motion came over me. All the walls began breathing as if just finishing a marathon. The whole room took on a pinkish glow and my motor skills began to degrade. When we went outside I noticed there was five of us and five different cars. It was suggested that we place our keys in a hat and draw them at random, then make a mad dash for a car and tear up the town. This idea met with some resistence so we escaped to our haven within the house. The walls were now a waterfall of colors with a gentle hum in the background. We laughed hysterically at my friends vegeterian dog. After about 5 hours of hysteria we decided to sleep. As I closed my eyes I came upon a geometric shape rotating first towards me, then away from me. It also unfolded clockwise and then refolded counter clockwise. As I saw this within my own existence I was overwhelmed with visions of childhood toys. These toys were very familiar but I could not remember ever possessing them. The next day I confirmed these toys with my mother and realized that these were toys I had when I was 2-3 years old. My mother was amazed at my ability to remember things from my early childhood. I believe I fell upon an awakening of sorts as if a portion of my mind was interrupted from a long sleep. I am eager to try and open up other hidden memories.

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