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touching spiritville

My shroommate and I took about 4.

My shroommate and I took about 4.6 freshly dried grams each, and waited for the magic to begin, as it usually does, with some deep yawns, watery eyes, and that delightful rubberiness in the legs. We got into bed and lay and touched...he said as he touched me, colors went off in his mind...beautiful colors coming through his fingers to his brain. Meantime, I was in a storytelling mood and spoke about Spiritville, where we were detached from our bodies, and floating around in a black-outer-space environment, lit up by a network of irridescent strands, like gravity fields or string theory made visible. In spiritville, we floated among the galaxies of colorful stars, far removed from our bodies and their needs for the time being. We dreamed together of scenes of warm sunshine on a mountain on an earth somewhere, where, two people like us would lay upon the green grass, and absorb the sun's energy, and unite with each other in a primal dance as old as life itself. We lay in each other's arms, gently sharing our respective dreams, and finding the most peaceful hours we've known in a long time. Finally, we knew we must sleep, still quite high. I commanded my numbers to appear--I use a countdown from 50 to 0 that works every time. I began with seeing 50 in 3-d, colors blazing, then seeing that figure move away off into the distance. Each number comes and then is sent off into the ozone. By number 35 or so, I'm asleep. Next day, woke up perfectly rested, felt terrific, and made sweet kariogamy with my shroommate.

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