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Totally AMAZING Trip!

This was only my third trip and it all started on Friday night when my friends Bre, CT and I decided to split two 8th's of some yummy lookin shrooms between us.

This was only my third trip and it all started on Friday night when my friends Bre, CT and I decided to split two 8th's of some yummy lookin shrooms between us. It all started around 10:15, we went down in Ct's basement (with her dad sleeping upstairs). Earlier we had taken a rubber hammer thingy we found and crushed up the shrooms into powder cause the last time i had just eaten them(kinda swallowed them whole actually) they hurt my stomach kinda bad so i figured it might help if we crushed them up a bit first. So we got our powedery shrooms all divided up and then each took a piece of bread and spread lots of chunky peanut butter on it them sprinkled the mushies ontop. We grabbed our little sandwitches, some water, and headed on over to the couch to watch alittle Aqua Teen while we waited for something sweet to happen.

About half hour later i began noticing little things. First it was the walls in her basement, they are painted a bright green and everytime i would look at them they would turn different shades of green. I just kept staring and soon we were all just laughing. My body started to lightly tingle and i felt really light and airy. Ct and i were just sitting there laughing and we kept saying 'ohhh man there is definatly something goin on here'. Then we looked over at Bre who was curled up and kept saying her stomach hurt. All of us agreed our stomach hurt and we just sat there for another 20 minutes to calm our tummys, i kept feeling like i was gettin higher and higher. This is when the trip really started to happen. We were all laying down on our back looking up at the ceiling. Its the kind like at a school that have all the little holes in it. And it was fucking crazy. It looked like a little ant famr, all these little black dots running everywhere and then it would start spinning alittle. I kept watching it develop into different patterns, all moving and gently breathing. For the next two hours or so i cant even really rememeber what i was doing, Ct and i just explored around her basement. we ended up finding a picture of her great great grandma that we decided when we go to college we would take her with because she was full of secrets and also that Delaware isn't even a state. who even goes to delaware. While we were yelling on about "fuck Delaware" Bre was off in her own little world, it was her first time and she said she was in a cacoon and not to bother her, but by this time she was on the ground coloring and would let us talk to her, only yell randon things to us like "galactic glue" and to tell us that we looked like a frog and a goblin. I was totally tripping by this time and i had to pee. i was really excited to venture off upstairs by myself. I was standing in her bathroom and i just stared, for im guessing a good 10 minutes at my face. My eyes were HUGE and i could make myself age to 70 years old and then come back, but it wasnt scary, it was really just cool. then i saw her door in the reflection and turned around to see the wood grains gently flowing like a stream. I was just giggling and laughing to myself. i kept thinking i wish life was like this all the time. I then looked down at my hand and just gasped. i could see the blood flowing in my veins and when i touched my hand it all spread out moved in slow motion. I really cant even descrice what my skin was like. It was just...totally amazing, i sat there poked my arm and watching all the pattern on my skin come alive. I realzized i had been gone about 2 years and started to head back down to the basement, but on the way i looked out the sliding glass window. The snow was absolutly gorgeous. its was alight purple and had sparkles on it from the moon. i just stared and decided that nature is the most beautiful thing..ever.
when i went back downstair, both Ct and Bre we laughing and asked were the hell i was i had been gone about 20 minutes (which felt like hours) . i told them and each took a turn going to the bathroom and just tripping out.
Around 3 we decided to just lay down and go to sleep, but as soon as we turned off the lights...wow... I couldnt open or close my eyes, it looked the same. Some fucking crazy ass paterns everywhere and my mind race a million miles an our. i guess i didnt realize it but i had been genltly giggling and saying things under my breath cause we all began luaghing again. it went on for a while and we just talked aboutsome crazy shit i dont even remeber. we eventually fell asleep.

It was the funnest and trippiest night ever and i LOVED It. i cant wait to do shrroms again. totally amazing. i just went in with a good mind set and everything flowed and was awesome!

good trippin' to you all!


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