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Took A Trip, But Didn't Leave The House: A First Time Trip

The story began one warm summer day when a friend of mine from out of town called and said he was coming to visit and said he was bringing some goodies.

The story began one warm summer day when a friend of mine from out of town called and said he was coming to visit and said he was bringing some goodies. Being quite the purveyor of drugs I jumped at the chance to try mushrooms for the first time. Although I had never done them before I was pretty sure that I could definitely enjoy it. I had no fear of having a bad trip, especially since I planned on staying home. My friend Bret showed up the following weekend around late afternoon and we started munching the mushrooms right away....we each ate a small amount and chatted while we waited to start our trips. Now my apartment is pretty cool to look at even sober, I have artwork on all my walls and different colored lights, cedar wood paneling on all the walls and ceilings, batique tye-dyed curtains and all sorts of interesting knick nacks and such, but after about 45 minutes, nothing really spectacular was happening. We decided we needed to do some more (we still had most of the bag left). So, we ate a couple more stems, along with a spoonful of the dust at the bottom of the bag. After that we decided to go to the grocery store down the street to get some drinks. As we were walking around the store I noticed a few slight perception shifts...lights appeared slightly "off-coloured" and things began to move slightly slower, but it was still nothing spectacular. So we went back home and munched the rest of the bag between the two of us. As we continued to socialize, I realized that I had the urge to giggle...and shortly thereafter the giggle turned into a full on laugh, and then progressed to prolonged hysterical laughter. I laughed so hard that I was crying and could hardly stop to speak at all. I have never laughed that hard in all my life. I have no clue how long I was laughing, but at one point, as I was sitting on the toilet, I yelled out, "It feels so good to be insane!!!" When I finally stopped my eyes were swollen from laughing so hard I cried. Then I felt really relaxed and started checking out all the cool stuff in my apartment. Gradually I started doing some serious hallucinating. My tie-dyed curtains were a swirling mass of color that was so beautiful I could not stop looking at them. I was amazed...everything was so shockingly beautiful. When I finally shifted my attention away from the curtains, it was to the cedar paneled ceiling where I saw the panels drop in a wave formation as the wood grained formed cedar chinese dragons that crawled the panels. It's hard to believe that I could be distracted from such an amazing thing, but my friend Bret happened to be a magician and he had found my deck of shiny metallic tarot cards and had begun doing all sorts of wicked card tricks with them. Now that he had my attention, he suggested that we go sit in his car, which was parked just outside my apartment. By this time it was quite dark and the sky was overcast and grey with low clouds. The cool, clean interior of his car seemed sterile and foreign compared to the warm interior of my apartment. Bret had a blacklight wand that plugged into the cigarette lighter (everyone should have one of these) and the blue reflections made the car seem like the interior of an alien craft. We tripped out there for a while, but then decided we would go back inside. It was only 10 steps from Bret's car to my door, but the entire time I stared at the gray canopy of clouds above. It seemed like I could've reached up and touched it. After we went back inside we turned out all the lights except one stained glass lighbulb in the kitchen and one small blacklight in the livingroom. It was then that I saw tiny spiderweb-thin lines connecting everything in the room. As I walked across the livingroom I found myself trying not to trip on the little threads. Then I realized that the strings were also connected to me and that I was connected to everything. I don't quite know how to explain it. As soon as they came the strings disappeared. Up until that point all of my experience had been emotional or visual, but after that there were no more visual hallucinations or laughter. Suddenly everything FELT different...I picked up an Arizona Tea Bottle to get a drink and it was suddenly heavy and bulky. Entertained thoroughly by this I walked around the room touching everything, including Bret. We ended up making out on the couch for about an hour and it was so amazing. But after a while my mind began to wander and I felt tired, so I got up and sat in my comfy recliner and contemplated the previous few hours. I was really bummed out that I wasn't hallucinating anymore and tried to focus on the curtains to see if I could start it up again, but it didn't work. I remember complaining that everything should look like that all the time, that the world would be so much more interesting if it were. I fell asleep in my recliner and woke up in a great mood the next morning and felt totally awesome physically. I was ravenously hungry though...and nearly ate so much that I made myself sick. I count my first mushroom trip as one of the coolest experiences of my life.

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