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too much for first timers


hello. i always read these trip reports, so i felt that since last night was my first trip i should do a report. so i am. well last night, my friend and i decided to trip shrooms. so at about 11:00 PM we got them and brought them back to my house. we ate a 4th, but my friend was a bit over zealous and ate a good bit more than me, however he's bigger than me and i hadn't eaten all day. so we wait and wait, and we are watching half baked when i start to notice that my chemney was breathing a bit and the brick were dripping and moving all around and whatnot. a laughed and looked over at my firend. "this is amazing" he said. "yeah. i'm gonna go take a shower." so with that i went and hopped in the shower. i love taking showers when i'm high, so i was excited. when in the shower i started washing my hair, but my hands were still in front of me, and not on my head washing. "wierd" i thought, and waved my hand across my face, and it moved by in slow motion, but not like when you are high on weed kind of slow motion; like frame-by-frame blurry wierd slow motion. anyway i put my clothes on and went back where we were watching TV. we laughed and laughed for a little while, and then didn't really talk for a while. i noticed my friend had started breathing quite heavily and every once in a while he would mutter something about a bear or something. then things started to turn sour. "SHIT SHIT!!!!! TURN OFF THE FUCKING TV DUDE! NOW!"... "shit" i thought "he's having a bad trip." he looked at me and just shook his head. and then the words nobody wants to hear in that wierd stoner voice: "duuuude.... i FREAKING out man..." not good. i just told him to try to explain to me what was happening, but he was just screaming and flipping out. i think his negative vibes were starting to get to me or something because i got very scared. i wanted to just go to bed, but it was so much worse when my eyes were closed. i didn't want to leave him so i sat there on the couch and watched him look all over at the room paranoid looking as anything. i felt so bad, but every time i tried to talk to him pure nonsense would come out of his mouth. keep in mind i was still tripping very hard also. we decided it would be best if we just had some time alone. after four or so hours i was feeling okay, but little did i know that the night would only get worse. i heard something so i turned over and he was walking by my bed. i asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to the bathroom, so i assumed he was fine again. a few minutes lated i went by the bathroom to see if everything was okay. when i walked to the bathroom there was stuff all over the floor and he had peed all over everything and knocked everything over and he was just standing there with a wierd look in his eyes. it was no longer my friend that i was looking at. he just walked back to the couch and laid down again. he asked me to turn on the TV because he didn't know how, and i was just getting frustrated, so i stopped responding. this was the scariest moment of the trip. i turned over and he was laying in my bed and nothing has ever scared me as much as this. i was still tripping hard, but i just didn't realize it. his eyes were moving apart and his face was getting long. he turned green and then into a frog. so much more happened, but this is long enough. thanks for reading. he called me today and apologized for everything, but the moral of the story is don't take alot your first time.

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