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Too many piggies!

Another tedious day of school goes by, and I find my dorm room in its usual state of discord.

Another tedious day of school goes by, and I find my dorm room in its usual state of discord. I turn on some music (Aphex Twin - Powerpill Pacman) and lie on my bed, looking forward to dosing tonight with my friend. A second later the phone rings, and it's my friend Kevin. He tells me that he didn't get the 'cid that he had attempted to score. I wasn't too disappointed, as I had just eaten some Alice D. the weekend before. "It doesn't matter man, we'll just toke the night away", I say.

And then, lo and behold, he tells me that he has managed to get 1/8th of shrooms!!! My heart skipped a beat (as shrooms are VERY rare around here), and I told him that he was welcome to come over as soon as he could. So as I prepared my room for a trip (got my lava lamp ready, an astral projection video in the vcr, and a few neat art books out), I decide to jump on the net to get some quick advice from some experienced shroomers. Ythan was online, so I asked him to tell me what kind of trip I'd get off of half an eighth, and he told me that it depends on a lot of things, but I'd probably wouldn't get anything too fantastic. I was kind of disappointed, and soon my devious mind was trying to work out a way to con my friend out of all the shrooms.

Unfortunately, I am a poor college kid, and I soon realized that a $30 drug trip wasn't in my budget, so when Kevin arrived, we split them up and ate them (they were dry, and sort of looked/felt like grey bark off a tree... I dunno what kind they were) . They didn't taste too bad, but I sure the hell wouldn't have eaten them if I wasn't getting psychedelic effects out of them.

I felt the urge to go urinate about 5 minutes after consuming them, and left my room to take care of business. I went over to a friend's room to brag about what kind of fun I would be having for the night, and already I had noticed that everything looked way out of proportion. Everything was obscenely large, and I was kind of startled that they had kicked in so quickly. I go back to my room, sit down and talk with Kevin, and he says that he isn't feeling anything yet. We look around on the internet for some Warez that he wanted to d/l (I have an ethernet connection, and he wanted to take advantage of that and my cd-r while he was here). As we look around on IRC, I become increasingly frustrated because typing seems as if though it's too much effort. I kept making errors and forgetting the ftp site addresses. So I tell Kevin that I can't deal with computers anymore tonight, and that since he wanted the program he could get it himself. Then I laid down on my floor and began to burst out into laughing fits.

Kevin looks at me, and I can tell that he is jealous that he isn't feeling the shrooms. I feel bad for a second, and then burst out into a girly, giggly laugh. Soon afterwards I begin noticing patterns in everything. It seemed like waves of energy were bursting through the patterns. Everything became much brighter, and everything picked up a light blue/purple cast. My walls and floors looked watery, and trickled around.

Kevin said that he was feeling strange, but he wasn't getting visuals, and was complaining that none of the ftp sites had Simcity 3000. Then he put on Powerpill Pacman, because he hadn't heard it yet, and I had been ranting on how excellent it was to him for the last week. I was totally blown away at how amazing it was. Each sound seemed so separate, and distinct. I was in awe, as music had a totally different sound with acid. It was so wonderful. Everything was just so damn pretty, even things that I normally found unappealing. I thought that was very odd, as with acid things that you find unappealing are just intensely unappealing. It made me appreciate that nothing is entirely good or bad, and it's important to recognize that even things that you dislike have good sides to them too.

For the next hour and a half the waves of energy became more and more intensified, and Kevin finally began to get the effects that I was getting. He said that my skin totally matched the color of the wood of the dressers that I was leaning against, and he kept calling me a "tree boy". I then begin examining myself to see if I really am a tree boy, and notice to that I had one too many fingers. I begin bursting out into this eerie laugh, and squeal "too many piggies!!!". I count over them several times and only count 5 piggies. Each time I would look down at them though, I would see six fingers. I kept rubbing them through the carpet, and laughing, and Kevin gave me this amused, confused looked. He turns on the TV, and begins to watch a gameshow on the Spanish channel. There were all these people dressed up like bowling pins, and there was this fat guy in underwear who was blindfolded and groping around the room. I began to laugh hysterically, and said that this kind of shit would never be on if I were sober. The fat guy then grabbed this pendulum with a big ball on the end of it, pulled it back, and let it loose. It crashed into half the people, and they fell over. The audience begins to cheer. I couldn't comprehend it; it was just too much. Although it was really fucked up and funny, it seemed really pathetic and degrading too. I needed to make it go away, so I crawled under my bed. I don't think that I have been under my bed since I was probably 5 or 6 years old, and I thought that it was pretty awesome. I spent the next 10 minutes rediscovering what it was like to be a child, and had a lot of good memories of my childhood. It was very rad. Kevin then crawled under the bed and asked me what I was doing, and I couldn't respond. I just pretended that I had a remote in my hand and made clicks in the direction of the tv. He caught on, and changed the channel, and I decided to come out from under the bed. A few moments later, it seemed that my visuals had faded and felt relaxed and a little bit tired. It had only been 3 hours, and it seemed like everything was over. I enjoyed the burned out feeling as opposed to coming off of acid and feeling jittery. We talked about our experience for awhile, and then my friend Sam called. He wanted us to come over and smoke weed out of his friend's vaporizer. That was another wonderful experience, but an entirely separate story.

Hope you enjoyed the report,

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