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too intense

This was my first trip on shrooms.

This was my first trip on shrooms. my friend and i split an eighth of some bomb shrooms, we ate em at about 10:00pm. we were hella stoked about it, and they hit me pretty hard about 45 minutes later. I felt totally drunk, was swaying and starting to get some mild visuals. We were outside at the time, so we decided to go inside. about an hour and 15 minutes after we consumed, we were sittin in my room with some music on, and i got a huge grin on my face because the floor started breathing and flowery patterns were flowing out of it. I was having a lot of fun, but then my friend wanted to go smoke some weed to increase it. That was my first mistake. we went in my bathroom to smoke and i still had that smile plastered on my face until we lit it up. after we finished the joint i turned out the light and then it turned hella weird. everything was fuckin crazy, smoking pot totally increased it. i thought i was in a cathedral and i saw all these small purple happy faces floatin around. i turned the light back on and the wood in my door was flowing, with some faces in it. This was cool at first, but once i really started peaking i was kinda fucked. My friend was having i blast, but i was trippin too hard. Eyes open, Everything looked dark and kinda scary, and my friend's face kept getting all fucked up. Eyes closed, way worse, all these crazy 3D tunnels were flying by followed by numbers, and cages and weird shit like that and i started to feel kinda sick to my stomach. My mind was goin nuts. I've read the FAQs on this webpage about 60,000 times. I tried to tell myself anything possible to try to get me to enjoy it. Nothin fuckin worked i was in my own little world and concepts of reality kinda made no sense. I tried changing the lighting and the music, (Pink Floyd, division bell) and that didn't make any fuckin sense either. Every five minutes was like a half an hour. so i just had to wait it out, not being able to talk myself out of it and watching my friend have a blast. well the peak lasted about 2 hours and i came down pretty rapidly, by five hours i was pretty much all the way down but still kinda disturbed by the whole thing. I'm up for doing it again, and i know that if i wouldn't have smoked weed, i woulda had an awsome time. So basically i wouldn't recommend smokin weed during the peak for your first trip. It increases it sometimes too much, and the paranoia isn't good either.

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