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To the moon and back

It all started out with geting our shrooms.

It all started out with geting our shrooms.. My friend knew a guy so he went out and got em.. There was A SHITLOAD of people shrooming that night, alltogether we got about 200 bucks together.. and most people paid only for 2 grams.. Well after my friend handed everyone their share we left because we didn't really want to trip with them. We headed to my camper.. About 45min later they were just BARELY starting to kick in.. we met some chicks we knew from school and we talked to them for a little while. We left and headed to my camper. This is where we were to spend the night. It is a small camper with a small bed on top and we plopped my 13" tv down on the shelf. I layed back as the effects started to come on. I exclaimed to my friends that it was wicked, they were still feeling little to nothing. The roof for me was spinning and i was in awe. IT WAS SO COOL! We then left to see what the rest of the world was like. We heard some music FAR FAR in the distace (yes it was actually ther) and we insisted to follow it. After about 30min of walking we finnaly found out there was concert going on at the university, which was atop a large hill. We decided agaistn't the trek and headed for the corner store. While all this was happening i was having a wicked time while my friends were not feeling much at all. We went to the store and bought a pop and headed back for my trailer. We sat down enjoying the effects. All of a sudden my friend takes out this baggie which had about 10 grams of shrooms left over.. I was like holy shit! He asked if we wanted anymore (there was 3 of us) and we agree'd. I would have said that i ate about another 2 grams as well as everyone else. Little did i know what this would do to me. We sat back and waited for the feelings to intensify. And all of a sudden they did. The roof was dripping and the walls were flowing like a river, as well as most of the ussual effects at this level. I went out again and walked around.. (to cut the story short and keep it interesting i cut out this part as it was pretty uneventful expect for the ussualy tripping) .. we came back and decided to have some more. We all ate about 1.5 more grams. This was a bad idea as the other 2 were just peaking.. I started to get scared in my confined little camper, and then my friend said to put some Slayer (mass heavy metal) on.. This was a bad idea.. Pairinoia struck.. I was like shit.. this is too much to handle. About 20 min or so after i ate the last 1.5 grams i decided to get them out of my system.. as i kept rising and getting higher more spaced out. I went outside and did what i had to do to get them out. My friend stood beside me and was asking me how i was doing.. I went inside and insisted that we leave the camper immedietly, we did. I walk out and it was like a whole new world to me.. everything was new, everything was differn't but in way i cannot describe. It was late at night now.. we proceded to the local school. To me it was the moon. The shadows looked like huge crators and the grass looked like nails shooting up into the air. All my friends saw this. We headed for a place to sit and my friends (who didn't puke up the shrooms) started to freak, they said skulls were flying at them and they couldn't handle it. We went to another place and i walked around in a circle scared out of my tree for about 1hr. My other friend was scared as well and just sat there and said nothing for that hour.. My other friend had a WICKED time playing on the jungle gym.. I guess it's all about your state of mind.. and if you are emotionally ready.. The effects started to fade.. and when i saw a car i was so realieved that reality was back.. I have tripped about 5 times after that now and have had some wicked times.. but once in a while when they kick in i still get that same old undescribeable feeling of anxiety and fear.

Well, all i can say is.. dose low your first time.


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