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to much drama

im stuart i live in holly srpings NC im 150lbs, 17yo.

im stuart i live in holly srpings NC im 150lbs, 17yo.

one friday after school me and one of my boys picked up some shrooms. i had 10 shrooms, dude said thay where oregon gold shrooms, bout 2.5-3" tall white with a blue base and under the caps where blue. he said to eat about half an 8th witch is about 3 shrooms. when i got thim i was ready to eat right then i didnt eat anything all day so i was trippin on an empty belly. i had smoked a blunt wid my boy jay at like 4:00 we got the shrooms at like 4:45. we went home and looked at the shroom and was like fuck it we will eat thim. we split thim up each eating 3 shrooms, i looked at the clock it was like 5:18. we chilled for a min then i rolled another dutch wid some dank i got. we satyed in for a hot min. watching tv i started to tingle a little but i was thinking no it to soon to be trippin b/c it wont but like 10 min after i pop thim.

ok now its like 5:45 went out side to smoke but just sat looking and talkin and crackin up so bad things started to wave a little and it got brighter out side. we where looking around at thr trees and thay where all bright green but one iy was brown we triped for like 30 min over the brown tree. after that we went back in side and sat in the room looking at tv i started to sink in my chair like i was fallin, just looking around at all the pictures i started tuching my hands like thay where metling and thay felt wet.
ok so we called some people to come get us b/c we where tripin then it all turn bad. everybody wonted to trip with me but no one had any money. i fet like i was just there you know i had a bad vibe with everyone i talked to. it was prom night and i didnt have to be home but i was tripin so bad i was like just take me home i need to sleep on the way home i was thinkin i need to hide the shroom and my bag. i live kinda out in the middle on nowhere so it hard to find my house the dude that was takeing me home was like where do you live and i didnt know how to tell him evey thing i looked at was same but in a diffrent place. i was looking aout the window and it was like we where tilted. i got home and put the shrooms up and my weed and started to think what i need to do i was like ok get in the shower so i jumped in with my shoes pants and shrit on. then i was like no no not right so i got out took every think off and jumped in to bed. i waled out side b/c my dog where barking and look at thim and one waved at me so not thinkin i waved back. after that i called my dad at told him i as tripin to come take care of me not thinkin hes in NY i ate something and my triped started to go away and i was fine after that there was just way to much drama for me to be trippin around by that time it was only 9:00 but it seemed like a life time. hopein to trip agin tonight still got a 8th

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