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Time Machines , coil

stropharia cubensis experiment nashville tn.

stropharia cubensis experiment
nashville tn. mar. ? 1998

materials: stro. cubensis mushrooms of unknown origin and grade c pot
presumably from mexico.

dosage: approximately 3-4 grams of dried shrooms and about 5 bong hits.

setting: my friends basement/jam room/studio at around 10:30 p.m.

ingestion: we pulverized the shrooms and divided them evenly but with
allowances for body weight. and mixed them with some warm water.
i had a little trouble swallowing it,although it wasnt that bad tasting.
immediately afterward i took a few bong hits to settle my stomach.

effects: we sat back and listened to some music, 20 minutes later i started
feeling that warm tingly floating feeling and my hearing and vision seemed
incredibly acute and detailed. our plan was to listen to the new COIL cd
"time machines" which has four tracks;telepathine,b-carboline,dom,and
psilocybin. the only clue inside sez "artifacts generated by the listening
enviroment are an integral part of the experience."--and its true on many
levels.every sound seemed to be a part of the "music",the water in the
pipes,the washing machine,the passing cars,--it was freakey.

about 1 1/2 hrs into the trip i was seeing fully 3 or more dimensional
rapidly transforming,stretching,bending,inside-outing and hyper-rotating
designs,oddjects and patterns with inconcieveable color and transparency
and texture oscillations. some of these were literally TOO WIERD AND ALIEN
TO REMEMBER. my brain has no previous experiences of anything remotely
like this stuff to serve as an anchor for later analysis or recall.

i had a sense of time/space travel but not to any particular co-ordinates
, more like travel beyond or orthogonal to space/time. my friend reported
experiencing entities and cellular or molecular consciousness.at one point
i became certain that the phonomenon referred to as ufos are actually
around most of the time but are operating in a range far beyond our normal
perceptual threshold.they are right there if you are not afraid to look at
them.(i usually have the feeling of "dont look yet because youre not

one particularly rememberable perception was a CEV of looking in the
interior a large spherical domain of which the the walls were rotating
smaller hemi-shperes which had openings that came into phase in a
cyclic manner. i felt like the geodesically nested opening and closing
rotating walls were a method of regulating the flow of some type of energy.

the closest thing to an entity i saw was a completely spastic collection
of 3-d letters,symbols,shapes,objects and people that were flipping
inside-out,stretching,morphing,making puns,wiggling,and doing things that
defy any and all of my previous ontological assumptions about anything.

i seem to remember that when seeing these types of hyper-objects the thing
that would correspond to what we normally call shading or shadow is not
like the shadows here. the "shadows" there are oscillating,exquisitely
exotic colors and also sometimes seem to be interference patterns thru
wich can be seen yet farther levels of activity.

as i was starting to come down i got a bit sick to my stomach,i didnt puke,
but i seriously considered it. at 3:00 am i was still tripping to hard to
ride home on my bike,but by 4:30 am i was back to earth and feeling pretty
good. i was filled with a flood of ideas about what to do with my life,
musical inspiration and an urge to contact some much loved friends i had
lost touch with.

got to sleep at about 5:30 or 6:00 am , and woke up around 1:00 pm.
no next-day-burnout, i got up feeling refreshed and hungry.

conclusion: i dont know. whatever we are experiencing in that realm is
self-consistent in an uncanny way. its way too orderly to write it off as
insanity or a hallucination. its also scary sometimes. if you dig having
a sure-enuff for-real encounter with the unknown,the extremely unknown,
then eat a few grams and get ready to rock.........see you there!

sincerely and emphatically,
---------- michael koalman


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