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Ceiling Moved

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Well. This was the first time that I did shrooms. I had grew them myself and I was ready to go. Some background info first. I'm 6'2", 190lbs.

I had eight grams of shrooms that night. Four grams semi-dry, and another four freshly picked, mostly aborts. I grew the PF strain.

At 8:26pm I was done chewing those bastards up. People are right, they taste bad. But it's worth it. At 9:00 "Return of the Living Dead 3" comes on the Sci-Fi channel. I watch it because I like those old B movies. 9:20pm, things start to look cooler. Everything is brighter and just more vibrant.

9:27pm. Holy Shit!! The ceiling is alive. Five minutes earlier I'm thinking "maybe things only move when you squint really hard." So I start to squint and look really hard. Slowly but surely the ceiling starts breathing in and out, in and out. As I relax my view I realize it's gonna keep on moving. Spectacular. I must have layed there on my bed for ten minutes just staring at the ceiling. Later on I made my rug start to flow.

9:40. My friend calls me and wants me to come over to a fire at one of our other friends house. I had to try to hold it together so he wouldn't know I was messed up. I decline. I'm not stupid, I'm in no way to drive.

10:10. I just ripped through a bowl outside my window. I want some more. Over the next half an hour I rip through two more bowls like nothing. This only intensified the trip. For my first time on shrooms I wanted it to be only the shrooms but I just couldn't resist. Next time.

The movie seems pretty cool. That is when I'm not watching the crazy visuals when I close my eyes. Or the ceiling.

10:33. I'm convinced that this is the real reality and drugs let us peer into this space for a short time. Everything seems so beautiful. I feel like my life is going great. Although in real life I don't feel like this. My experiences with drugs in my room have been great. As I'm finishing up a bowl, one of my neighbors nearby sets off some fireworks. Beautiful. The colors in the night sky were just great. I felt so lucky because what are the odds of this happening.

11:00pm. The movie is over. I say to myself "This is a pretty damn good love story." I wonder what I would say if I saw this movie sober.

Then Cujo comes on. I watch most of this movie but near the end I change it because it's bringing me down.

11:30pm. I'm just rambling on, not really talking, but not really grunts. I'm sort of acting like a pre-historic man. I light a cone of incense and turn off the light and dance around it. I'm not really that messed up, I do stupid shit like this when I get bored sober.

Sometime around 2:00am I start to come down. I had a slight cold so the comedown was a little harsh. I ended up getting to sleep around 6:00am. But I can never get to sleep when I need to. I think I have insomnia.

I only rated this a level 2 because I know I can go so much higher. Not to say that this wasn't great, it surely was. But next time will be more intense. I can't wait till more of these little suckers grow. I gonna dry them out better so I will have a better idea on dosing. And I'll grab my cousin and let him in on the fun.

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