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Time is crazy

Ok so weed is great we all know that, but then i got introduced to shrooms.

Ok so weed is great we all know that, but then i got introduced to shrooms. The first time i had them i tripped out really bad (i took about 4 and a half grams, and smoked 3 joints). I cant even remeber what happened. So i finally decided to take them again. And it all worked out. But i remember babbling about time. And how everything and anything depends on time. I was with my 2 two friends at this time and they confirmed this theory of mine. Pretty common theory but i was obsessed with it, i kept on talking about time and how the video game i was playin wasnt based on time so i could do anything i wanted with it. I felt liek i was looking staight through the tv and just using everything to make my own game and rhis continued to the point where i started swinging my ps2 controller around in circles but it was insane. I was swinging it perfectly in a kind of spiral way. and i did this for about 15-20 minutes and then we started watchin tv. Jay and Silen Bob Strike back was on. I couldnt even see the tv, it just looked like someone kept flushing a toilet on the tv and it just kept spiraling but everything was clear. anyways after this i just went to bed and passed out. It was a good trip and im thinking of moving on to acid soon.

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