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three seconds

Oh my.

Oh my. The tentacles again. I told them once to go away, but they just turned inside out and grew a few more triangles. They just keep spinning around, twisting and churning with every other thought in my brain. My cosmos is a sticky yellow goo.

How long have I been sliding around like this? Don't know, is Trevor still waching TV? Wow, must have been a while. Hey, these are new... pinwheels on the wall... nope, they're not new, just the tentacles again. I thought I had seen these before, downstairs where I met that strange lady who thought I was from mars.

Well, now that was a difficult predicament. She found me standing just outside of my rez house. Difficulty came from the way my world was divided; narrow little roadways that I could never leave. I saw things outside these roads, like that pine tree, or some green spit, but they were not of my world and so no business of mine. And she had to come from a place far from these roads, because I could not talk to her. She seemed concerned... "Are you all right?"... "What are you doing out here?"... "You must be freezing cold". I tried to convince her to step to her left, just a few feet, so she could stand on my road and I could talk to her. She didn't understand, so I ran away. Down a little road, of course.

And we spin back to the tentacles. More triangles this time. Am I still sitting alone in my room? Yup, I am. These tentacles are getting a little irritating. Every idea in my head is a different incarnation of tentacles. Okay, find something solid. Digging through the memory banks, trying to find something solid... wait! what was that one? Bathroom tiles...

Dave, you poor bastard. He was feeling queasy too. I told them all, no meat for dinner! Nobody listened, so now everyone's puking but me. So there. But I do feel for those poor souls, stranded in that horrible bathroom, the walls afire in pulsing yellow squares. Dave, why are you not burning up? Why are you smiling at me like that? Save yourself!

Tentacles. What time is it now? Is it before or after the last time I thought of checking? What a stupid question. Trevor's still in the lounge watching TV, so it has to be after. Wow, it's getting warm in here. Ugh, these fucking tentacles, I wish they'd just stop so I could think. They own my brain, I just want to clear my head of them. Maria couldn't help me either.

Sometime before I headed down to the girl's floor, geisha-like, very quietly. A creature sat on the sofa, watching Pakistani television. "Uh, hi." it said. English! How fortunate. "Hello," I said. Silence. Arabic dancing on the television. "You guys, uh, had something to drink?" it said again. "Yes, yes we did."

More tentacles. Peaceful ones now. Controllable ones. I am calmer. I decide that humans can only find peace through control. The tentacles seem to agree. Time to go see what's happening outside.

A short trip down the hall, and I sit in the lounge with Dave and John. I make faces to myself, playing with my dislocateable jaw. Trevor finds me much more amusing than Law and Order.

Now sleep, luscious sleep. My bed has never been more comfortable. I sink like it was made of whale blubber, and I am lost in the folds of the sheets. Mmmm warm.

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