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this ones good read it!!!

last night me and my friend went shrooming for the first time.

last night me and my friend went shrooming for the first time. It was me and about 10 other people who i really didnt know that well, not to mention that it was at a large outdoor mall that i had never been to before. Any ways we figured we would be fine if we just stuck together. So after about 5 bowls of the best dro on earth, we felt the shrooms start to kick in. And thats about when i realized i had no idea as to what the fuck was going on. im not kiding it was like i had a 5 second memory or sum shit. anyways as we were all sitting in the grass in front of a dillard or macys, i thought i would put on my sunglasses. as i was looking through the glasses it was like looking through my friends, almost like an x-ray. i saw what they were like on the inside, and every one looked like a demon. but it didnt bother me at all i just kept sitting there. and the whole time i was sitting there it felt like sumthing was pulling me down(and it wasnt just gravity.) then i began to feel like the ground was sinking in and wanted to swallow me, which also didnt bother me very much, and after sitting there for about 20 minutes or so, i was completely part of the ground that i was on. i felt like i was the earth! It was during this time that i took my sun glasses off. when i took them off my friends had changed in to people i didnt know at all. i even asked who the hell are you people? they all replied we dont know! and thats when i began asking questions to my self, such as what is time?, what happens after you die?, and its then that i realized 2 things. when you trip you see the shit that makes up the earth. like when you are reading this right now off your screen, this is the final product you dont see all the hardware and shit behind it that make it up. the earth when you arnt trippin is like the final product, and when you are trippin you are seeing everything thats it is made up of. and the other thing i realized is that there fucin has to be a god out there because everything is just way to complex to all come together by chance. during the whole time i was there i didnt have and really colorful experiences like you propbably have read off other peoples trip reports. that is until i got home. and the scary part is, i got a ride home from a guy that was high, drunk, and trippin! I cant believe we didnt die!lol! anyways my mom was home and my eyes were huge as fuck so i decided i would go to bed before she caught me. so i hopped in real quick and started to dose off. then i started to get sum visuals. i sleep on a bunk bed and the bars that go across the bed on the top were gloing like a black light. and thats when i looked at my hand. it was totally morphing like a lava lamp or sum shit. it was pimp as hell. all around my room there was a fine neon blue line that went all around the cracks of the walls.(where the walls meet.) thats about when i went to rub my eyes and realized that my eyes had been closed the whole time i was laying there. (when i saw my hand morph my eyes were open.) then i forced myself to sleep which wasnt to hard, and had sum cray ass dreams the entire night. the one that stands out in my mind is one where its early morning. the light is shining through my blinds, and a girl that i had been trippin with was laying in by bed with me. i said holy shit im screwd my mom is gunna cum in and beat me with a stick, how long have you been here? she replied all night! i said god! i must be dreaming. and she said you are!!!!! then i woke up and it was 30 minutes after i had gotten in bed... ohh ya when i was at the outdoor mall, i also questioned what a dream was as well. so.. when you are tripping, and everybody should, think about these things and it will blow you away. keep shroomin, peace out.....

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