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Third tripp to LV 2/3?

Subjekt: 19/F, College Student This was my third experience.

Subjekt: 19/F, College Student

This was my third experience. It was grand, I thought I should submit. It was just a few days ago actually.

[Last week]
It was me, my boyfriend, & his best friend that were just chillin' out, bullsh*tting & smoking, when someone brought up the idea of shrooms. We all reflected on our previous trips and came to a conclusion that none of us had ever tripped together before. Our friend called a reliable source and luckily we were able to get ahold of some (rare). The price was really good, and apparently the guy dealin' said he wanted to get rid of them asap, so what do we do? WE BUY. The rest of the week I get really psyched, and finally, Friday rolls around. We decided it was best to just hangout in my basement while everyone else slept. We took them w/ orange juice and just waited for them to kick in.

[The Initial Buzz]
I remember my muscles starting to tense up, and it felt like my head was spinning. I'm about 5'2":100 lb. Plus I hadn't eaten much that day, so I felt the buzz a little quicker than my friends did. I sat in this fuzzy puple chair and just reclined to wait until my stomach settled. I was playing SwitchBlade Symphony, and I noticed that the music sounded a bit warped. I sat up and my neck felt heavy, and I started to get really anxious and warm. My friends sat on the other side of the room, and I was trying to tell them that I was starting to feel something but I felt like I couldn't get my point across. It was wild. It started kicking in for them as well. I could tell because they started to loose coordination, and they kept laughing. The music sounded so f*cking awesome. I felt as though I was assimilating into my surroundings. I felt light and the edges around my room began to "bow" outward. I noticed small little patterns or textures pulsing. I got up and walked around...

[Dissociation. Relocation?]
And immediately, I believe I lost it. I couldn't quite focus of anything (activity-wise). I actually felt adventurous. Like I wanted to find every isolated weird spot in my room, STARE, and walk around some more. That's what I love about psilocybin. It feels like you float on the outside of your body. Even though I was in the basement. I kept thinking that we were far away from the house. I kept thinking that it would take forever to get back home.

There was a point in time after a short game of X-men Legends, I just wanted to roll around on the ground. Every time I looked up at my ceiling looked a lot higher that it was. From the floor to the ceiling is about 8ft'. It looked like it was a least 30ft'. And every time I closed my eyes, I got these images of people I had recently met, and something about standing on the edge of a vast open space.

We watched 'The Cell' when our trip wasn't so intense. Even so, that movie was f*cked up. I still felt like my emotions were warped. Certain scenes in the movie were maddening. At times I felt things that I probably don't want to feel again, but right as the scene changes, you drift off again. I felt highly confused and I didn't really know what to feel, or how I should feel. I felt like I was watching the movie from behind a window. Crazyness..

I got some sleep. I didn't really feel like being alone the next day. (Yeh, I suck) But psychologically, I felt that it would be best. I already have a mild depression, so I didn't want to let my fried mind f*ck with me the day after a trip. It varies from person to person. This is just how I do things. Over-all, the trip was great memory to add. I think that drinking the OJ helped me stomach the shrooms a lot better. I was definately tripping with my best friends, so that helps reduce any awkward moments or potential paranoia. Also, video games and music are sweet. \N/


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