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the weirdest day

Here is the story of the day me and my roommate ate some magic mushrooms!

Here is the story of the day me and my roommate ate some magic mushrooms! Well yesterday was Saturday and my roommate and me had bought some mushrooms the night before from a friend cause we had been thinking of shrooming for a long ass time. Well it just happened that I talked him into get the shrommies (hey I am in college and have like no money) but I said I would pay him bay later. So just to make sure that we got really messed up we bong took a feel big ass bong hits you now just to get high enough to stand the taste of the shrooms. So then after we took them which was about 1:30 we left to go to golden gate park but we did not have the money needed to go so instead we walk to a park near our school to "trip" in. after we got into the trees it felt so good I don't know why but I just thought it was the shroomies hitting me. Then all of sudden I forgot where I was and thought I was in the mountains and we were walking thought this giant forest and we were LOST! So for about 20 min I remember trying to find out where I was, I had completely forgotten I was in a big city park and not in the mountains. Then all of a suddenly we were walking up a path the went strait up this one hill, so by now I just wanted to get out of this Forrest of fun and get back to the real world some what. So I thought what better places to go but to ocean beach. But it was about one or two miles to the beach so we had to walk there. Well it seemed to talk days to walk to the beach. During the very long walk I started tripping bad, I though I was back in my hometown down in so cal. manly it was the weather that mad it feel like so cal cause it was very hot and for some stupid reason I had long pants on so it was hella hot for me. Well after what seemed like hours and hours but was probable only 35 min. we got to the beach. Well this was so cool. I started hearing this music that was being made by the ocean it was so cool cause this music was loud. Then I took off my shoes and let the sand go between my toes and it felt so cool. So then stupid me I get hit by a wave which sucks cause now my damn pants are wet. So now I go back and dry off my feet so I can get my shoes back on and get off the beach cause I was bored. But then my roommate would not get up so I decided to sit down too. Well it was so weird when I was witting down it was so cool cause the sand started to move and I just watched it move for about twenty min. just thinking how cool it was. Then I look up and this secrete truck was right in front of us. Well I got really scared and just tried to look normal this was fun cause everything around me was weird. Then out of nowhere this white dog comes out of nowhere and starts running around my roommate, and me so this scared the living daylights out of me cause I did not know if it was real or not. Then I noticed my roommate also saw it so that it was not just in mind. After this I tried to get my roommate to leave the beach cause it was freaking me out cause I did not have nay idea what was going on and I wanted to somehow grasp what was real and was not. I wanted to go back to our apartment cause I needed to be able to grasp something that I could see that was normal and that I did ever day. Well after about twenty minutes of me begging him to go he finally realized that it was a good idea to leave the beach right away like I wanted to cause I was by that time very scared of being on the beach and really needed to leave. Well we left the beach. Then my roommate started talking about how he had been tripping on the beach and I was like wow that is cool. So as we are walking back I get weird flash backs cause the night before I had seen someone I had not seen in about five years, and or parents had been friend so I went to her house with my family to have dinner every now and then so I knew who and she had known me too. Well the flash backs were weird and I had to tell my roommate all about them cause I though I was going totally insane and did not know that what I was talking about was actual what had happened to me and all the things I told him were real. Well after an hour or so of think I was not going anywhere, we finally got back to our apartment and got back to what we had wanted to do play computer games and eat popcorn like stoners like to do, well at least I do. Then I smoked some more bowls of my herb. Then about 10:30 I noticed that the high I had was pure THC and the shroomies had worn off but I thought that it had been the most weird day of my whole like but it was super cool. Then I passed out about 1:30, which sadly ended my day of the magic mushrooms.

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