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the way love looks


Dose:4.5 grams of shrooms and a small dose of dxm

I have been waiting for this for about 4 months reading up wanting to get ahold of some shrooms.I even started growing my own.well I finally found someone selling them for an outrageous $60 a quarter.when I took them I was so excited and probably less than 30 minutes after the effects kicked in..first I saw lots of shifting and colors and everything was amazing I could see into each person in my house I knew who they were and wanted to be.my fiance kissed me and she was the most amazing thing I had ever seen I really saw visually and spiritually what makes me love her.later we had a friend drive us to an amphitheatre (I live in a college town) and we sat around and my fiance turned into a gorgeous elvin creature...I know all this sounds centered around my fiance but for some reason it was all of my visuals had to do with her...I remember thinking about the afterlife and thinking that I am ok with it.

the only thing I can tell you is that if you really want to LEARN something not just trip out and feel cool do shrooms and let your inside talk to you..I wish I could do these forever.

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