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The Wanderer

We sat and talked for about a half hour almost forgetting that we had eaten shrooms, until I saw a blinking light.

We sat and talked for about a half hour almost forgetting that we had eaten shrooms, until I saw a blinking light. It was a bright white light that I could only see out of the corner of my eye no matter which way I looked. I excitingly told my friends what was happening as I noticed their eyes were bouncing all over the room looking at the cool trippy things they could see. I then looked at the carpet from the armchair that I was sitting upon and saw a weird pattern that formed a pathway. I followed the path with my eyes for a few feet and unfortunately only landed up looking at the fire place, but for the rest of the night the same path remained.
A while later we all went outside to have a cigarette and see what was going on outside. Our friends Rick and Jay who had sold us the shrooms showed up and asked if we wanted to smoke some bud. We hastily agreed as Rick stuck the bowl in his mouth. None of us actually remember getting high, but only this incredible feeling that we were shrooming so hard.
A half hour later it was just Rick and I sitting on the porch talking. He went in for a pop, and as soon as he left I started to walk around. I saw a sign above a house about 2 blocks away. It was full of shining colors that read cleaners. I decided to find the sign and began my quest. I walked down the streets and climbed a few fences and crossed the busiest street in my town to finally reach the sign, but that was not enough. I had an incredible urge to go further. I walked to a restaurant that I saw ahead of me that had wonderful, blinking, colored lights. I then saw a huge apartment complex and for no reason felt that I must go walk around there. I felt like Indiana Jones in some kind of mission. When I got to the entrance I left my pop can on top of a mailbox thinking that it was my ticket to get in. I walked around aimlessly as I was scared shitless. I saw many weird people and heard strange voices. I walked next to a pool and saw a face in it and that instant I started to run. I found the exit and picked up my warm pop and ran back to my friend's house where I had started.
No one was there and I panicked. I ran throughout the house looking for everybody. I found a phone and paged all three of my freinds numerous times and left them a voicemail each. I went outside and layed on top of someone's car looking at a tree. The tree started to shake vigorously and I saw trails of the branches. I stopped looking at the tree then because I thought it was evil, but it enticed me to look at it more so I did. I fell asleep for about a second as my friends pulled up yelling at me telling me how scared they were that they couldn't find me.
Later we smoked some more pot and I put my head inside my shirt and talked to grass for about 45 minutes. My trip pretty much ended there.

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