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The Trip Involving "Worlds"

I have previously eaten shrooms and I was afraid that we had gotten ripped off this time, so Sally was the test dummy.

I have previously eaten shrooms and I was afraid that we had gotten ripped off this time, so Sally was the test dummy. It was about 7:00 in the evening and we had 6 eights in our possession (which would be an ounce and a half i think). But anyway, Sally ate an eighth with some crackers, which i would like to add- does not make them taste better at all. This was at my house and there were three of us there. At 8:00 we were scheduled to meet four of our other friends, including Madeline, at Madeline's house.
7:30 rolls around and Sally starts drooling at the mouth and basically cracking up. She was tripping.. so we we ate our eights as well. I know that i ate a whole eighth, but a couple other girls split at eighth. Oh, and I have to say that these 6 other girls are my best friends, so i purposely surrounded myself with people who i knew wouldnt cause me to have a bad trip.
We arrive at Madeline's house and I began to trip. We went down to her basement that has colorful striped wallpaper and a lot of other colorful things. We had a TV, some posters, A couple couches, some chairs, lots of lights to play with... all the works. We were prepared for entertainment.
So when did i start tripping? I would say it was when i had this burst of unexplained laughter. I leaned back and looked at the ceiling which was actually those white rectangles that have black holes in them. Kind of like stirofoam, i guess you could say. Anyway, this was sand and it was falling into my eyes.. so i reached up to wave it away and i just watched it fall. The rest of my friends were just in their own little worlds as well, enjoying whatever they had their eyes on.
Now that i think about it.. my one friend Cassie didnt arrive until later and at that point we were tripping hard. I have to mention that i was wearing maroon sweatpants and a black shirt with a maroon long-sleeved shirt on under it. I didnt really pay attention to what i was wearing until Cassie walked in. She was wearing Blue Jeans with a white tee shirt and white flip-flops. She looked so clean and neat.. and i felt like a blob. All these fuz-balls kept stiking to my sweat pants and it was bothering me because i felt dirty. I would sweap my hand across my leg to get the fuzz off and i saw traces which was pretty cool. So Cassie ate some shrooms and in a little bit we were all tripping.
I stared at the wall-paper for a while and it pulsated. The carpet floated and looked liek it had big things crawling under it. When my one friend smiled it was like giant and shiney.. it was so fun to look at. I basically looked at everytying in this room so i couldnt miss anything.
We wer all yelliing out strange things like, "Look at Megan's Hair, its growing!" Jan was hillarious because she's this real lanky girl and when she's fucked up it seems like she has no control over her body. Her legs bend in awkward ways, and her arms swing all over the place. She just laughs and her eyes always water, she was very entertaining. I liked to watch my friends- they were all entertaining in a different way. So this room was called the "Fun World".
There is no bathroom in the fun world, and no food. So when we needed these things, we had to travel to the "Upstairs world". Everything was overly clean and in place. The colors were really dull.. like teal and white, and beige. It was cold and quiet. It was the opposite of fun. But one cool thing was the bathroom world. It has a fleurescent light that rapidly blinks so everything was just morphing together and something that i would recommend watching when your triping is a toilet flushing!!
Also, theres this painting of a little girl running through a field with an umbrella. We watched it like a movie and she ran and jumped and floated away iwth her umbrella and at one point she left the picture and it freaked me out so i had to go back down tot he fun world. It was like a circus down there!
The funny part is that no maytter how clean a room is when you begin to trip.. it always ends up like a tornado went through it.. because i'm not really sure about anyone else, but i have to touch everything and hold it. Ahother thing.. cell phones. It was so hard for me to comprehend that we were talking to someone from the outside world. I felt bad for them because they werent experiencing the wonderful world of mushrooms and candyland. But we called our one friend and said.. "Hi, were're in the world of mushrooms and candy land!" She said, "I'm in the world of alcohol and pain killers." It was funny..
So there's anoth er world left to explain.. called the Upstairs bathroom world. It was dark, and quiet.. and the bathroom was damp. But i disovere a mirror. Remember how i was wearing all these dark colors like marroon and black? Well i had a piece of green Extra gum in my mouth!! I opened my mouth and it was like i have never seen lime green in my life i just laughed and laughed and was completely amazed by this piece of gum. I stretched it all over the place including onto the mirror. I twisted it all over my hands. But somehow i managed to get it off. But after what seeemed to be about 10 minutes.. which was actually an hour.. i decided to put the gum back in my mouth and to introduce this fantastic discovery to my friends. I went down tehre and they all stopped what they were oing and looked at me. I said.. i was up there and all of a sudden i noticed this bright thing in my mouth. I opened my moutgh and let the gum fall out into my hand. It was like they all small children on christmas morning. The gum did crazy things, man! Crazy things! It was like God.
After a while, we were still tripping. But it paused or something becaue my friend and i both said.. i think it's going away. And Megan actualy started crying.. she said no i dont want to go back to the real world! But after like a minute.. it came back. We decided to check out the outside world.. which was a strange strange thing. we Went for a drive.. and played ina field.. this house was a giraffe. I cant believe i actually drove when iw as tripping. I would not recoommend it. A sense of responsibility is just not cool when you're tripping. So by the time we got back home it was gone and about 3 inthe morning.
So i have a few recommendations.
1- wear sometihng colorful, that matches and fits nicely.
2- surround yourself with people who are tripping as well
3- Eat at least an eighth
4- Be in a room that is colorful.. or if you're outside, make sure the sun is shining
5- GUM!!

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