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cats are cool

My friend and I have been planning on doing shrooms for weeks but we never got around to it.

My friend and I have been planning on doing shrooms for weeks but we never got around to it. about a month ago he called me up and I went over to his house thinking that we would be smoking some really nice dank he had gotten. when i got there we went on a little hike and I asked him if he still had the dank and he said he smoked it all at a party during the weekend but that he got us some shrooms. we had an 8th to share between us so we sat down and drank the fruit juice he made before we left the house and then starting chowing down on the shrooms. After about 15 minutes of walking I started feeling funny and thought they might be kicking in so I listened to my CD player. We decided to go back to the house 5 minutes later when the shrooms really started kicking in. their were yellow and pink swirls in the snow that moved to the music I was listening to...it took us quite a while to get back to the house because we stopped every 5 minutes or so to draw in the snow. Once we got back to the house we played tekken for a while then we went up to his room. I saw lttle swirls in the table and turned around and I saw the coolest thing in the world. his cat. me and the cat stared at eachother and when I closed my eyes it's head shrunk and when I opened them wide it's head got HUGE. I went over to the cat and held it down and stared it in the eyes which kept bugging out at me. four hours into the trip we went over to the barn (we're not hicks he just calls it the barn for some reason) and played with power tools..I started coming down from my trip and felt incredibly happy but my friend was still at it. after an hour of listening to him rant on about god knows what I went home.

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