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This was the first time I have ever tripped.

This was the first time I have ever tripped. Me and a couple of my friends decided to shroom a little. At first I started to fell like I was in a car going about 50mph in reverse in a car. It was a new feeling, but it was awsome. About 20min. later we decided to smoke a couple of bowls to kick in our buzz. After we smoked I started to look at a big tall tree that had no limbs on it except for the very top. For some reason I thought the tree was goofey and all the other trees were laughing at him. Then one thought lead to another and I thought the trees were better than us and we were slaves to the trees. I thought that the trees gave us Oxygen just so we could give them carbon monoxide.
Then I figured out how it all made since. I thought the reason for chopping down all the trees in rain forest was because some other people figured out that we are slaves to the trees and started to rebel to against the trees. IT ALL MADE SENSE!!!! Later when we got back to my girlfriends house I got out of the car and looked at the tree standing next to the car, and for some reason I thought that the tree was pissed off at us. I told my friends that the tree was mad and they started to beat the shit out of the tree. I got very agressive and tore a shitload of limbs off of the tree, I was REALLY trying to KILL that tree. The craizest thing about the tripp is that me and all my friends had basically the SAME trip. It all made sense to all of us.

I loved my trip, it was my first and definatly NOT my last. It made me have over a million thoughts at one time, and made me feel like a genious. SHROOMS are the greatest thing in the world. After my trip my friend showed me this web site and I am now starting to grow shrooms for myself.

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