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The thoughts in my mind

it all stated when i bought 4 grams of dried psylocybin cubensis mushrooms.

it all stated when i bought 4 grams of dried psylocybin cubensis mushrooms. at around 10 oclock pm, i ate the entire bag and about 20 min later i was starting to feel the effects mildly. then i went upstairs to listen to tool, and chill in in my bedroom. but as soon as i turned off the light to relax in the dark, it went out of control from there on i was almost dreaming while i was awake, and i had my cd player on and my cat jumped and hit the stop button and it scared the shit out of me. this craziness continued for about 1 hour, then i went almost like semi-conscious. in a wonderland. around 12 i grabbed my notebook and began writing about things i never even knew were inside my mind. i look at the stuff i wrote now and some of the words i cant even spell correctly. but somehow i managed to spell every word right. they were VERY complicated feelings and i have trouble understanding some of the thoughts i wrote down that night. it was definitely a life changing trip for me because i have never thought so deep about that kind of stuff before. it heped me realise some things i might like to change in my life and some things i wont change. but all in all it was a very good trip. i have come to respect the sacred mushrooms more than ever now.

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