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The Table of life

Well Im in the middel of growing some shrooms and i just couldnt wait a month to trip.

Well Im in the middel of growing some shrooms and i just couldnt wait a month to trip. So i went to "drug" strip in my city and hooked my self up with 8 grams of what the guy called "the best shrooms you'll ever have". Well they wernt the best but they would have to do, cause it was all i could find. So after my 2 hour hunt for shrooms i went to a shopping mall and locked myself in the can. And munched down. i dont know why people say shrooms taste like shit, i happen to like the taste. anyways i ate my shrooms and made my way home. on the bus ride home i wasent feeling to good, i call this the i wanna throw up stage. There was this d00d sitting in front of me and i kindly asked him to move or I was going to be sick on him. i dont think Ive ever gotten a nastier look in my whole life. He moved and then a few stops later i got off the bus and went home.

I came in and took my shoes off and walked to my room and turned on he computer. the screen was really bright and i was like ok Im starting to trip. Opened my winamp and put on some trippen tunes set up this trippy screen saver i have relaxed and let my bed eat me. Stared at the ceiling as it ripped away and i could see the sky. And then the stars got bigger and i could see planets. then i heard someone calling my name from the living room so i got up and went to see what they wanted. there was a old man sitting on my floor with a great big cone hat on. He asked me to sit so i did and he started telling me about my life and all the things Ive fucked up on and what i should do to fix it. And then he told me bill gates credit card number, and i called him a liar and asked him to leave my house or i was going to go get a frying pan and kill him with it. He started screaming how I was sposta obey him or some shit so i got up and went to my kitchen and got my biggest frying pan and hit him over the head with it. he expolded and i felt a sharp hot buring pain on my face and arms. I ran outa the house and jumped into the pool swam around in the cooling water for a bit. then i saw the most beautful girl she was half girl half fish. she wanted me to come live with her under the sea, but i told her i couldnt cause i was a man not a merman. She pouted and left and i got out of the pool and went back into the house.

Well the next day i woke up and my clothes and bed were all wet and i was like wtf, cause i didnt remember at that point anything that had happened. I had this big blister on my hard and another on my face. So i got up and went into living kitchen and found my roommate and she proceeded to tell me what i had done and she was laughing so hard it took her a half hour to get it out. Apearently i had come home and went to my room played some tunes came outa half hour later and sat in front of my table with my lava lamp and talked to it for a hour and half,then started screaming got up got a frying pan came back and smashed it started screaming ran out side and jumped the fence dived into the people next door's wading pool and floped around in it for like a half hour started talking to this barbie doll that was in the pool then got up and came back in and fell down the stairs and knocked myself out, and she had drug me into bed.

I think next time Ill hide the lava lamp if i ever get another one.

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