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The Source

Subj: the source Date: 4/7/99 9:44:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: REP III To: REP III level 3 - the source I was at first very skepticle about trying shrooms.

Subj: the source
Date: 4/7/99 9:44:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

level 3 - the source

I was at first very skepticle about trying shrooms... but my friend,"M" ill call him, assurred me it was going to be not only, "ok," but "awesome!" so i said what the fuck..ill try it. so i went to m's house and he said we were going to the source, a shopping mall about 15 min's from our neighborhood. now, ordinarially, an experienced shroomer would say that a mall is not a good place to go but that you should go to a relaxing place with low light.

so here we were in m's basement with his parents upstairs. he comes down and is like "start eating!" so i ate the mushrooms by putting them on saltine crackers because i couldn't stand the taste. they were dried amazonians. prior to this, m whipped out 2 fat joints he had rolled ; one for him & one for me. he said it was on the house.

so the 2 of us, totally stoked, got in his father's car and went to the source. while in the car, i started to trip slightly - it felt as though i was stoned... but my senses were heightened.

when we arrived at the source, our journey began. we looked all over for a place to smoke, but we couldn't find one. so i convinced m to smoke the joints in the parking lot of Home Depot in broad daylight on a saturday. Even though people were all around us, we smoked without care. as we smoked, i had a sense of euphoria. i can still almost imagine the feeling of the abnormally warm december breeze gently gliding over my face. i can remember that even the weed smelled different; it smelt much better. everything seemed to be alright. so i stood up (seeing as we were laying in the grass like hippies) and started to walk to the source. at that moment, i realized i was tripping hard. the world seemed to spin around me and i didn't even care that i was walking through the parking lot while smoking a joint. m said "man! you're smokin a joint in public you idiot! we're gonna get busted!" i told him to relax. then we looked at eachother and started laughing. i'm not talking about a little giggle, i mean out of control hysterical laughter. it appeared as if our faces were stuck in a smile that couldn't be broken. we sat on a light post in the parking lot and laughed for what seemed like a good 15 minutes and then went to the source(finally!).

in the source, we walked around aimlessly for a long time. as i looked at the faces of total strangers, i thought they knew i was tripping. but then my voice of reason kicked in and said, "stupid! only you know what's going on in your mind! they can only see your face" as usual, i ignored my voice of reason and took light in the fact that people knew i was tripping. i looked at faces and listened in on stranger's conversations that seemed so usual and boreing.

i needed a cigarrette. so i went outside and sat down on the concrete filled with gum people had thrown on the ground - somehow, i didn't care anymore. as i smoked, little children walked by and looked at me in amazement, i don't know why - maybe because i had a cigarette in my mouth and im only 16 - but anyway, as they looked at me, they cleanched their parents hands tightly - almost as if i was a bad person or something. -i must've resembeled an ax-murderer with the demented look i had on my face.

after that, we went into the movie theatre; but, seeing as we were poor bastards, we had no $$$ to see a movie. that was ok though, we sat in the lobby and watched the video games and giant tv's that showed previews of movies. i started to lose touch with reality as i stared at the screens of the tv's. it had been a long day.

after about an hour at the movies, my other friend, G's, mom came to pick us up..(i havn't mentioned g bc he was only stoned - nothing big) as we sat in his car, we said nothing. because g was scared stiff of letting on to his mother that we were doing any sort of drugs. as we sat there in the pitch black car, nobody said a thing.. i mean NOTHING! it was dead silence. after about 5 or 6 min's i thought i was going to scream because it was tearing up my insides. so i started laughing..a sinister laugh..one which i had never done before. but as i laughed, i was amazed to see that no one in the car noticed my laughing!

i was dropped off at m's house and i had to ride my bike home. on my way home, i felt like a teenager on some really powerful drug - like heroin or something, i felt like a convict running(or riding) from the law.

when i arrived home, i looked in the mirror and found that my pupils were dialated immensely! but..not to worry bc my parents were in pennsylvania on vacation ( i live in Long Island - bout 3hrs away)

i sat back and watched AN American Tale - where fifal mouse comes to America. as i watched, i imagined i was in the movie. i was saying to myself, "go fifal! run away from that big old cat! oh no ! run!" and i found myself singing, "THERE ARE NO CATS IN AMERICA!"

after this, i went out and smoked more weed with my friends. it had been a great day that i will NEVER forget as long as i live.
- sorry it's so long.. but it was a great trip.
-BoOmer Bro

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