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The Solution

Please allow me to relate my most unusual trip in my small but expanding catalog of experiences.

Please allow me to relate my most unusual trip in my small but expanding catalog of experiences.
It was another summer day, with nothing to do, and I was hanging out with a group of friends. We decided for no apparent reason that it would be a good idea to go to the beach that night and trip on mushrooms. So my friends attempted a batch of jello (with a ridiculous amount of shroomies in it-probably 40+ grams!) Not realizing the length of time it took for jello to set, my friends utterly failed in getting the jello to form. We were left with a wretched-looking slimy bluish semi-solid. Oh well, good enough for us.
We arrived at the beach and I was already feeling nervous, for what reasons I did not know. At this point I probably should have decided not to imbibe the blue ooze, yet I went ahead as planned. I halted at one shot glass of the stuff, yet my three friends all drank three shots. Within minutes it started to take effect.
We got out onto the beach and started walking around, looking at the stars, appreciating the summer breeze by night. At this point, an unsual feeling settled in on me that lasted for about an hour. I was not seeing anything, nor having markedly different thoughts, yet somehow things were completely different and I was tripping nuts. I just couldn't put my finger on what was going on, and this confused me and made me feel anxious.
I went back to the hotel room we had rented to check on one of my friends who had stayed behind there due to the fact that he simply couldnt move due to the intensity of his trip. As soon as I opened the door, I saw him lying there on the bed, looking at me with an insane glint in his eye. I immediately came under the impression that he was seeing me turn into a frog. Several seconds later, he announced "You're a frog!" This creeped me out HARDCORE, and I had to leave and return to the beach. At this point I was about an hour and a half into my trip. Presently, I began to feel a staleness and anxiety in the air, as if I were in the wrong place. I told one of my friends who wasn't tripping and had driven seperately if she would drive back home, and she agreed. As soon as I got into the car with her (two hours after ingesting the shroom juice) I felt the effects of the mushrooms wear off. It was practically instantaneous. It was if I had found the solution to my unusual and eerie trip.

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