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The Shrooms Speak

This is about a trip I had last summer.

This is about a trip I had last summer. I had done acid way more than the seven times that they say it takes to declare you legally insane, so I wasn’t really worried about what the shrooms were going to do to me. I was an experienced tripper. It was my little brother that got me interested in shrooms again, since he had friends that did them. He and I spent several weeks getting up early in the morning when the humidity and temperature was right , looking over cow fields with no luck. We only ended up finding shrooms one time, and I’m not even sure that they were psychedelic. Normally, I would never had eaten them not being sure, but my brother had gone to get them with a guy that made regular trips to this field and ate them all the time, so I figured the risk was minimal. Again, those shrooms provided no experience. No luck. So I decided to grow my own.

So the day came when the spores arrived, I had prepared my jars, terrarium, and nursed them until they were grown. That was the longest 50 days of my life, because I was really excited to be on the verge of what I was sure to be quite an experience. I was right. We had eaten a bunch of primordia off of the first flush with no effect whatsoever. We tried again with the second flush, letting the shrooms get a little bigger than we had the first time and only had a mild stoning affect. Then as they say, the third time is a charm! This time, I let the shrooms grow to full maturity. The caps had broken, the veils slightly torn, and away we went!

I had about ten shrooms, and I split them evenly between my little bro and myself. We had a harder time eating them this time. We chopped and diced the four PF shrooms and two TC shrooms into small pieces and ate them out of a spoon and chased them with sprite. The bubbles help mask the taste, but it’s still pretty awful.

After we ate the shrooms, we really didn’t expect anything since the other two attempts had been so disappointing. We decided to drive to the store and get some OJ. We knew that the OJ would help get a trip going on LSD, but didn’t know if it helped with shrooms. Oh, well, it couldn’t hurt. As it turned out, this trip didn’t need any help getting started. I lived within walking distance to Penny’s Market, but I decided to drive the 8 blocks instead. We went in and I asked for a pack of smokes and little bro went after the OJ. That’s when I started to feel kind of funny. It had only been about 5 minutes. We both got in the car and hurried home just in time. We sat down in the living room and he said that he felt lazy, and was melting into the chair. I felt sort of sick for about 15 minutes, and then, BAM! I was tripping balls! Everything had that “3D” look …like you’re looking through a View-Master Viewer. I began to talk about the size of the universe, black holes, quantum theory, and the theory of relativity with an understanding that I’ve never really had before. I wasn’t only talking about these things, it was like I was experiencing these things. I could step back and look at the universe in a totally new way. It was great! The world was full of wonder, and it was time to check it out from the outside.

We went out and sat on the sidewalk in the back yard. My brother was tripping HARD and was really quiet. I couldn’t be quiet. I just kept rambling on about this and that. Finally, I began to sense that he might be having a bad trip. It turned out that he was, but only slightly. I’ll never forget what happened next. When I finally got him to start talking, he seemed very depressed. Enough to worry me a little. I won’t get into a lot of detail about what he said, but it had to do with success in business, friendships, life in general. He said that sometimes he wondered why he kept going. At that point, it was like I stopped talking and the shrooms started. I told him that the reason we kept going was because of the surprise that the next day could bring. Even if you sit here and do nothing, I said, your chances of getting what you want are far better than if you decide not to keep going. A lot more was said, but it all kept coming back around to “you just never know what’s going to happen” and “Even if you do nothing…something could happen to change things in an instant. It could happen right now.” That was when the red Miata sportscar pulled into my driveway, and out popped a friend who I hadn’t seen in years. It turned out he had been working as a mortgage broker, and as you may have guessed, was making big bucks. We talked a bit. As it turned out, he was stressed beyond belief because he had to deal with huge sums of money all of the time, and as he said, it’s his ass riding on every loan he gets approved. I offered him a job where I worked, and He said he’d think about it. My brother got a lot of information about my friend’s line of business and so did I. While we were talking, I looked over at my brother and said, “see!” My friend was cool about shrooming, but I didn’t have any more, and he left after he had served his purpose. The rest of the trip, my brother and I pondered the events that had happened, watching the stars shake and wiggle in the sky, noticing the way the world looked, smelled, and enjoying every second of it. By the way, it turned out that my friend the mortgage broker would rather work with me. Brokering wasn’t for my little brother, but he has a web business now. It pays his bills and he doesn’t have to go to a job every day, and I never worry about tomorrow any more, and I see things in a very different way now. My writing could never tell you all of the wonders that we discovered that night, but we both think it was the best trip of our lives. We’re growing our next trip now. If this report is received well, I’ll send in the next one in about 30 days.

Thanks if you read the whole report.

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