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Casino Trip

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Well, I started off the evening before X-mas eve drinking some beer and bonging some northern lights with friends. Things were going well when my friend C came over at about midnight with a big jar of blue shrooms. I hadn't tripped for a while so I decided to eat some with C and my other friend AG. Then I remembered that the plan for the evening was to go to the casino, so when our rides got there, we piled into a couple cars and headed there. The ride takes about 45 minutes, so on the way (already being high as hell off of the weed) I started feeling really stoned. The CD we were listening to, Deltron 3030, couldn't have sounded better. I stared at the road and it looked like we were driving on sand. We arrived at the Casino at around 1:30am and I was excited for all of the lights and crazy mirrors inside.

When I got inside, everything just seemed to fake to me. Me and C started walking around because this place is huge. I couldn't pay attention and was always lost wherever we went. There were constant voices of gibberish and bleeping electronic noises surrounding me. We sat down at some slot machines and I put in $5 and tried to figure out how to play and lit a cigarette. It was at that moment that i recognized the music playing...CHRISTMAS MUSIC! I hate christmas music more than anything and it was just droning like a 50's clock radio. Imagine hearing constant gibberish, bleeping noises and droning cheesy christmas music. Luckily, I lost my money really quick and wandered off by myself. I found this maze of hallways where the casino meets with the hotel where nobody was and you could smoke. I walked around these eerie hallways, lined with mirrors and fake deer made of wood. All the wood had a strange green color, and so did my face in the mirror. The floor patterns seemed to change in color and stretch a bit. Being this alone in a huge maze of hallways is a tad wierd, especially being surrounded by mirrors and black tinted windows staring out onto a reservation. All of a sudden, some dude and his wife walked by and I sat down on a bench. They asked me something, but I couldnt understand what the hell they were talking about. I just said that I had no idea, and they left. Whew!

In these hallways, I had lost track of time, and headed back for the casino to find my friends. I went in but I only saw Laotions playing blackjack, staring at me like I walked into the wrong place. I kept walking and walking, not seeing any of my friends. I was lost, and getting tired of being around all these depressing old people and annoying lights and sound. In the Green area of the casino, I walked past what a waitress that I thought was the most beautiful girl in the world. I turned around to look for her, not that I would know what to say to her if I even had the balls to confront her, but I still wanted to get another look. I never found her and probably walked around the entire damn casino looking for her. Now, I was just confused. I grabbed an orange soda and lit a smoke and headed for the exit when I heard a page for Fred Durst. First I thought, "I hate Fred Durst..." then I thought, "wait, Fred Durst can't be here..." then I thought, "it's probably one of my friends fucking around!" Sure enough, it was and they were right by the exit. We were all disappointed in the trip and wanted to leave. Disappointed in that the casino didn't enhance our trip, it just showed us what the casino is...a depressing, cheesy, annoying place where you only lose money.The comedown was very pleasant, and we all had a great corporate gift giving holiday. THE END

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