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The Shire - First Trip

I bought my first shrooms after christmas 05 after getting lots of money.

I bought my first shrooms after christmas 05 after getting lots of money. I bought 2 grams of shrooms and, being the pothead I am, 4 grams of weed. I continued through the day smoking my pot, chillin with friends. When I got home that night I ended um smoked the remains of my weed, which was only 2 bowls.
Once the weed was gone, I basicly had nothing to do. Being an insomniac and knowing shrooms keep you up, I decided I couldn't wait till the next day to trip. Not knowing what I would do for 8 hours, I got my Lord of the Rings dvds and popped them in, I cooked me up some Bagel Bites and threw a gram on one and ate it whole.

After about 45 minutes of feeling nothing I decided to take the other gram and popped the rest.

A bunch of waiting happened and nothing happened. Thinking that I got jipped I got up and found out that going from a sitting position to a standing position was amazing for some reason. I couldnt understand it, nor did I care as I looked at my (dirty) wall and noticed that the walls were going in and out, so I stared at the wall for a few minutes, and decided that it was too dark in my room, so I pulled the shades to find a glorious day out side. I sat back down with the same feeling I had when I got up and tried to watch this movie. Noticing that I've seen this part a million times I decided to check out some crap in my room.

So, I got up again and instead of the "getting up" feeling I got last time, I got a new feeling. Kind of like my body was trying to move away from me. It's hard to explain but I had that feeling from then until the end of the trip.
I looked out the window and saw they they were tearing down the gas station across the street from me. So, I stared at them doing that for awhile while checking out the stuff in my room, which seemed new to me for some reason.

Every now and then I would have to goto the bathroom. And I found out that I walk like a drunk while trippin. I would always end up lookin at myself in the mirror or playing with the cats on the way there.

I walked back to my room for the first time, which seemed like it took forever, for some reason I felt like I was tripping harder for some reason. I had more intense visuals, colors seemed more fantastic, and I saw stars on almost everything. It wasn't always stars, too. They kind of morphed from stars to dots to all sorts of shapes. I was looking a a Grateful Dead sticker I have on my computer and the skull seemed to seperate from the background and drifted to random parts.

I glances at my dirty wall again, this time bending in and out more than before, and noticed how dirty it is with all these barly noticable dirt spots all over it. These dirt spots started moving.

I basicly forgot that my body exsted and focused on the wall for a good 10 minutes before I giggled and said "cool." Saying this reminded me that I did, indeed, have a body which all of a sudden felt tingly as hell.

I really wished I hadn't smoked all my pot by this time because the "body trying to move away from me" feeling had by then been increased and I was certin pot would eliminate this feeling for some reason.
I figured that the feeling was just signs of fatigue as it was getting fairly early.

I decided to stare at the gas station being torn down for awhile and then get back to the movie.

I layed on my bed, frequently getting up to check things out until the trip eventually wore off.

All in all, a fairly enjoyable trip. =)

After this I was going to buy 8 grams of shroom but my sister found out (she knows the guy who sold them to me) and told him not to sell shrooms to me, only weed. =(

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