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The secrets to life

After much anxiety and waiting i finally got my hands on about 3 grams of mushrooms in the form of pills.

After much anxiety and waiting i finally got my hands on about 3 grams of mushrooms in the form of pills. the guy had taken some loose pieces of mushrooms and put them in a coffee grinder than put them in capsules. i was waiting to half of the week after getting them for a saturday so that i could trip away from parents and people i knew, as it was my first trip and i didn't know what to expect. i decided it would be a good idea to go to a ski resort and walk around at the swimming pools and around the chalet for a while. I woke up early, at about 7:00, on the saturday morning. after clearing things so that i wouldn't have to talk to my parents until 6:00 pm, and aranging a ride out to the hill(about 15 miles from my house), i went into my room and with a glass of juice took the 15 pills. i went downstairs and got in the car with my dad. while we were driving i would every once and a while close my eyes to see if anything appeared when i did that. we got to the mountain and my dad dropped me off. i found that a coffee/gift shop was the only place open and as it was cold i went in.a girl from my school was working there an i said hi. i walked to the far side of the building and sat on a couch were i was semi-isolated from the other people in the shop. i looked at rocks on the fire place, wall paper, the ceiling designs, ect hoping to hullucinate. Finally as i looked at the cieling, i saw the stucco start to pulsate and move around. then they started too look like black and white 2 demensional lizards chasing eah other around. i started to laugh as i was so glad that they were working. then i looked at the wall paper and noticed that it too,no matter how hard i tried to stop it, was bulbing. i was so delighted by this that i laughed again. i decided to go over to the gift shop part of the building and look around. i picked up some little sticky animals(the kinda you cna throw against a wall and have them stick)i held about 30 of them in my hands, and thought it was such a rediculous thing that i almost bought as many of them as i could with my 10 dollars in my pocket. i decided against it and went over too see the salamanders again. i started laughing so hard i decided to go outside so no one suspected anything. i walked by the windows of the place and saw some people looking at me. i started to smile stonedly and run. i started laughing extremely hard and run at a very high speed. then i saw a spa and ran in, almost knocking an man over.i got in and started talking my clothes off to put my swimsuit on. i was the only one in there and i was glad i was. it was a small room and only had a small window on the door, so i decided this was a good place to be for a while. is i was taking my clothes off i started feeling as if i was removing a huge burden from myself. i thought that this was the first step to losing my body and at this time it was something i really wanted to do. i went into the bathroom and put my swimsuit on. when i came out the room reminded my intesely of a court of an egyptian king. i decided that since i was stuck in my body at least i should do something that feels good so i got into the hot tub. anywhere i looked i saw patterns of devils and demons all entertwined. they were rainbow colored and floating around in mid air. i felt as if they were trying to tempt me to do something but i didn't know what. i said outloud "fuck you, you won't trick me." then i went into the bathroom again to look in the mirror i saw my flesh melt off leaving just a tight layer of skin over my muscles. i decided that i had become the perfect holy warrior and that my goal was to accend sephiroth by the end of my trip. i thoguht very seriously about taking my swimsuit off and swimming naked but decided against it. i went back into the hottub and held my breath and rolled around under the water, all the time hullucinating and seeing those flames and dancing girls and devil faces that were popular in the lounge times i think in the 60's. i came up and decided that i had to take of my clothes to feel pure and "show the gods how aware i had become of the importance of simplicity. so i went to check the window to see if anyone was coming. there were two men walking down the hall, one with a large sack. i for some reason came to the conclusion that they were messengers of something bad and that one of there names was asmodius. i ran back into the hot tub and sat down. they came in, took the towels and left. i then took my swimsuit off and swam around naked. i then realized all of the basic concepts of life were really the secrets of life. i put my shorts back on and went into the sauna, which seemed huge. i layed down and saw more demons floating around. i thought about how far i had come along sephiroth and relaized that i had succeeded in my goal and now it was time to help someone else. i went and took a shower which felt very good and to test out my strength to make sure i was prepared for the next leg of my journey i ripped down the shower curtain. i then dress and left. i walked back into the coffe shop and took my jacket off. i asked the girl to use the phone and i was now the only person in the store. i called one of my friends and his brother. i told him that i was in the arcade at the coffee shop and remembered my voice changing tones and styles constantly. i convinced one of them ot come pick me up as i was about 5 miles from there house and there mom wasn't home. walked to the front of the resort where he was going to pick me up and waited. i walked up some stairs to a enclosed balcony area where i found a ski pole and said to myself "ah good, i have found this tool, a weapon" i saw more demons in all sorts of colors. the things i was looked very simliar to some of the art by alex grey(if you don't know of him go to alexgrey.com) i saw a man shoveling and then realized that it sounded that he was on all sides of me. like many people were shoveling everywhere. i jumped down the about 8 stairs and found it to be the most exhilarating thing yet, it felt as if i was changing demensions when i did it. i did that twice. the guy then got there and i ran to his car. i got in and felt very warm. i was delighted to find that he was listening to TOOL and i turned it up. he asked me questions about waht it was like and i told him as best as i could since it is so hard to explain what you feel on shrooms, especially when your on them. we got to his house and i went in to see that his brother was watching tv. as he sat watching tv i sat next to him watching the white wall above the tv. i was seeing all sorts of geometric patterns in multicolors. the carpet, the walls and the ceiling were excelent.i asked him for some incense and when i burnt it the smoke was multicolored. when i would look at either of there faces the shadows on them were also the full spectrum of the rainbow. as we watched the movie more i felt it starting to wear off.i felt sad and decided to go out side to try and trip out some more. as soon as i got outside the whole snow covered ground was a bunch of patterns flowign around. i dove int othe sonw rolling around and laughing. i got up and pushed a shovel around the yard litteraly triping over my feet. i looked in the window and saw one of the guys laughing at me and smiled at him. i took my jacket of and layed in a snow bank. did i mention that it was a blizard outside? well it was but for some reason i coudn't feel the cold. i came back inside and relaxed. by this time they were starting to wear off and all that really remained were some faded geometric patterns on the walls.

this was a very good first trip althought it only lasted about three hours and i was expecting it to last a while longer. my recomendations from tripping is to do it alone, as the only person who can totally understand what your feeling is you so it is kinda a drag to do it with other people. and not to watch tv. go outside or something.


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