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The Rivers Of Wood!

My friend Lucas and I always talked bout doing shrooms, but just never got around to it.

My friend Lucas and I always talked bout doing shrooms, but just never got around to it. One night I was driving to go pick up some bud and the people that I bought it from had an 1/8 of shrooms. I bought em because I knew that lucas and I were gonna chill the next day. So after work that next day I call him up and he tells me that something came up. So I'm back at place with a bag of shrooms and no one to do em with. So what did I do? ate em, just half the bag. I was told that it took 30 min for it to kick it. after an hour i didnt feel anything! i was pissed and ate the rest. after about 20 min I was watching some stand up comedy and laughing my ass off. I was still waiting for the visuals that I was told about ( i thought i was gonna see like cartoons poping out of my TV and my dog talk to me and shit)I remember getting the thought that i needed a shower. so when i opened the curtin, the tiles were all... I dont know, "swimmy" i guess. We live in a cedar house, so when i turned to look at the wall, i saw rivers in the grains of wood. "So this is what shrooms do." i thought. I must have stared at my wall for an hour. after that i went out and watched some south park and I never realized some of the secret sublinial messages they put in that show. After watching the wood walls some more. I broke out the grand theft auto vice city! I gotta say that was way fun! all in all i say i had a great time! YEA SHROOMS!

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