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The Rave

Me and my friend had been planning to do a big mush drop for a while, and we had been planning to go to a rave for a while.

Me and my friend had been planning to do a big mush drop for a while, and we had been planning to go to a rave for a while. We put two and two together, and we came out with the most intense experience I've ever had. We picked up about 8g of mush for the two of us, and one friend tagged along. Me and the other guy who organized it each dropped about 3.5g and we gave about 1g to the guy who tagged along, since he had never done it before and that's all he wanted to do. The rave started at 9:00, so we drove to this parking lot, and ate are specific amounts that I had already seperated into baggies, and we found someplace to park the truck. After a long walk, we realized we were nowhere near the actual rave, and that we had to boot it back to the truck if we wanted to get there, before the mush kicked in. So we did. As we got closer, I could feel my legs get looser and start to tingle. I noticed slight distortions as well. This was about a half hour after we dropped it. Once we parked in the lot of the actual rave, we immediately got in line. I could start to feel the mush definately taking effect. Everyone was talking around us, and I didn't hear individual voices anymore, just one voice. As we got closer and closer to the entrance, we heard the security guards start yelling, "There will be no tolerance for drugs or alcohol tonight!", Luckily we had already dropped it. Once we got into the rave, a security guard patted me down and asked me a couple of questions, I was very nervous, not only because it felt really weird, but my pupils were HUGE, and under the bright lights I hoped he wouldn't have seen. Luckily he didn't see, or care, and me and my friends went on our way. Once we got inside the actual rave, that's when my trip really began. We initally sat in some bleachers, because this was actually a hockey arena, but after 5 minutes we had to get closer to the action. We walked fairly close to the speakers and decided to setup camp. I pulled out a blanket from my bag, at least I tried. It didn't even feel like it was my hands unfolding it. Eventually, we all sat down, and me and my friend who dropped 3.5g, we started to trip, very hard. My other friend, didn't feel anything for the entire night, which turned out to be a good thing. I began to see the floor extend and the roof as well, the entire arena, began to grow. So me and the friend who was trippin were talking nonsense to eachother, mostly how this was getting kind of scary with all the security and the huge beats from the songs. All of a sudden a random person came up to us and introduced himself, and then asked a very odd question, "Are you partying sober tonight?" We all said no, because with a question like that we thought it was security. It turns out that he probably would've tried to sell us some ectasy, but we were already to far gone to even notice that. As the night wore on, I could feel the peak coming. It came in waves it felt like. And all of a sudden, I started seeing kalidescope colours everwhere. In people, on the floor, everywhere. As well, I had this kind of x-ray vision, and pixelization of everything I saw, but it wasn't in colours that you'd expect, it was in bright pastels, and primary colours. We saw the security walk by every two minutes and every once in a while, drag people out. This trip was getting scary. It seemed as if time paused, during certain parts of the peak. Colours were everywhere, and I started to look at people dancing, and their glow sticks looked as if giant circles of colour. Along with the music, which had an eerily spacey sound to it in between the beats, I had trouble holding myself together. After about an hour or two of this, I realized I had to take a piss. By then the rave was getting packed, and I had to make my way through many people to get to the washroom. Once there, I just stood at the entrance way for no particular reason, mostly to get my head together from the intense experience I had just undergone. I noticed there was a line for the urinals, but I ignored it and grabbed the next one I saw free. I couldn't care anymore, I had to get out of the washroom, there were so many people talking, but I couldn't understand them, it was all gibberish. The piss felt like it was 20 minutes long, but it was probably less that a minute. I made it back to our camp, and sat down again. Everything came at me at once, all the kalidescopes, x-ray vision, dancers, gibberish, music, and pastels. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I told my friend who wasn't tripping, that I think we better leave, because I just couldn't take it anymore. He looked pretty bored, and agreed with me, since all we had been doing for like 3 hours was just sittting against a wall, there was no way I could've danced. After we all decided to go, it took a couple of minutes because we got off track a couple of times, that happens on mush, we finally got out of the main room. We got to the entrance way again, and everyone was talking (jibberish to us) and people were playing bongo drums, it was definately time to get out of there. Once we got back into the car, and had several arguements, my friend who wasn't tripping drove, even though it was my other friends truck. After several minutes of me and my other friend yelling directions, the driver just got pissed off and told us to shut up. We did, and eventually made it out of the parking lot. It was about 2:00 in the morning, and we decided to drive home. Every stop light we came to, I saw it melt and wobble, and grow. At roughly 3:00 in the morning we came to a community that we all knew and pulled out our sleeping bags and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep, so I just watched everything around me melt, until the mush wore off the next morning. They drove me home, and I fell asleep on the couch for 4 hours. What an intense trip.

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