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The Rainbow Room

I must say this was the hardest i have ever tripped on mushrooms!

I must say this was the hardest i have ever tripped on mushrooms!!! One day me and my 3 friends Justin, sam and amanda wanted to eat some mushrooms well me and justin wanted it to be just us but we had no transportation at the time so sam had to ride us a around to get the mushrooms and the pot and well when there is sam there is always his girlfriend so i called up my friend who i had met just recently at a party and we became good friends pretty quickly and we went to a grateful dead show well sorda it was jerry garcia's official birthday party 99 but anyway i talke to my friend i met him and bought 8 grams of mushrooms to go between 4 people so then we went and got some pot after that so i went into my other friends house with justin after we had gotten the mushrooms and i bought 8 grams of some kon bud and while i was in her house me and justin at about 1 gram each with out telling sam and amanda :) i paid for them but i told them that i would give them 4 grams to split but oh well i wanted to trip really hard. so me and justin left and got in the car picked up justins girlfriend and went to a church that had a nature trail in the back with benches and what not no one ever goes back there we usually just go back there smoke pot. on the way there me justin and his girlfriend were in the back seat i had the shrooms in my pocket and justin had the pot in his. i took the shrooms out of my pocket and me and justin at about another 1/2 gram when we got to the church was feeling a little buzzed i hadent smoke any pot all day and we went on a little hike down the trail. when we got halfway we sat on the benches and i split the mushrooms i gave sam and amanda about 2 grams and i gave justin about 1 1/2 grams and i ate about the same we finished and none of us had any thing to drink i can tolerate the taste doesnt really bother it kinda tastes like potato chips i think. sam and amanda split there whole 2 grams and amanda ate half the bag and sam ate a few and gave his to amanda i didnt care his loss right? but then amanda didnt finish it and gave it to me i didn't mind!!! :) i had never gotten sick of mushrooms before and i didnt this time. It being about my 10th time i guess. After that we started smoking pot until the effects kicked in. we got to the church around 3! by the way :)


when i started tripping i went off on my own cause justins girlfriend was the only not tripping so she wouldnt shut her mouth so me and justin went on our own left sam and amanda and Kari ann by themselves and we had the pot so no problem. when i started tripping i remember very intense visuals the mulch bench grain looked like a flowing river and as i touched it i my finger would turn blue and i couldnt help but laugh. after that i looked at the ground moving in everydirection possible up down whatever! colors everything was so PRETTY! Then i had entered the peek of my trip! i had entered THE RAINBOW ROOM as i call it where i saw nothing but COLORS no trees no benches just lots of colors moving and spinning! it was very intense! after the rainbow room i got up and i walked to a different bench smoked a little pot with everybody and me and justin laid down on the top of the benches! and looked at the trees and the clouds! the trees spun around and turned into helicopters flying over me the clouds were just doin some funky #%)# i can't really explain it i just went into a trance for a few hours looking at the helicopters and the trees werent green they were bright bright flourescent colors spinning around and dancing as time passed we left the church at 9 it was wednesday so there was a youth group meeting so when we walked out of the back of the church where the trail was there a bunch of kids looking at the 5 of us and laughing so we ran to the car dipped out they were laughing at us and pointing it was really weird the hardest i had ever tripped we smoked all of the pot and later that night i didnt feel ate up or burnt out just stoned no hangover or anything! thank you for reading this it was the most intense trip of my life <so far> :)

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