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The Planets

Split an eigth of shrooms with two roommates back 15 years ago.

Split an eigth of shrooms with two roommates back 15 years ago. We were bunked in a dorm room together in college. We listened to "The Planets" by Tomita in the dark. I strongly recommend this! My head turned into a purple turnip for a moment. My body actually decompressed into a two dimensional figure when I exhaled. Laying in the dark see twirling cones of colors and spirals floating in a great cosmic ballroom. Timeless eternity. The tape is over and we sit talking about amazing things that we could not remember afterwards. I remember a pumpkin as part of a care package from my roomamte's mom and the absolute beauty of it and how fruit & vegetables are so pure and the inside of them can never be seen unless they are broken apart. That smell of the pumpkin and other vegetables remains with me to this day--so right. We went into the bathroom where I saw a fellow hallmate shaving. The problem was that he looked like a werewolf as he had hair on every inch of his body. My roommates saw the same thing. The bathroom walls were swirling and breathing. We went back to the dormroom. I missed lab at 8 am the next day.

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