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the perfect bass

one of the best trips i ever had was at leeds festival last summer with my friend davy.

one of the best trips i ever had was at leeds festival last summer with my friend davy. in the uk you can buy fresh shrooms no problem, and the festivals are always flooded with stalls. so on the saturday we decided to trip, and went looking for the best deals. in the end we bought 50g of mexicans and 25g of thai shrooms and sat in the main crowd to eat them. there was plenty of time until the dj we wanted to see came on so we went for a wander round the site and started to feel them coming on, so we bought another 25g of thai because we knew it was going to be a good one.
we ate the rest of the shrooms in the dance tent while watching dj format and we started coming up loads. it was a really sunny day outside so the tent was quite empty, but even so, it felt wierd tripping with other people around (we generally try not to :P ).
we were sat on the floor listening to the music but not really hearing it and generally enjoying ourselves when another friend found us and told us to come and watch jurassic 5 on ther main stage. walking to the main field was crazy, there were people everywhere and everyone looked happy so we sat down and started watching the band. all of a sudden, i looked up and realised that somebody had stolen the sky and replaced it with a painting that was so realistic that everybody was being fooled! i turned to davy and whispered "look man, the sky's been painted on!" at which he burst out laughing and i was sure that people were starting to look at us in a funny way. as i kept looking up at the sky, a helicopter went by slowly and i watched it until it was above the stage, when i noticed men climbing the side of the stage to attatch the nets that stop the wind, but it looked like they were fishing in mid air, and i duly pointed this out to davy.
then the most amazing thing happened. dj numark from jurassic 5 had put a bass speaker down on a glass table (i think) and the bass note just kept getting lower and lower. there was nothing else to hear except this not, and as it got lower, it started to spreak into the crowd. we knew it wasnt just us tripping because other people knew it was happening too, and the note was so low that it was going all the way through the ground and expanding.
the people around us didnt like it, they were all confused, but me and davy sat there and the bass note actually washed all around us and enveloped us before numark stopped it. after this there was some amazing scratching and beat juggling from cut chemist, as well as numark making music with a little kids toy which was all pretty amazing on shrooms, but none of it even compares to the amazing bass note that ate us whole.

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