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Carnival Cubensis

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Me and some of my friends decided to take a trip to a Bob Dylan concert at a State Fair. Me and a friend decided to take an eighth of mushrooms and split it. We popped the shrooms and went into the ampitheater. This was my first trip. I swallowed the mushrooms without chewing,and my friend started tripping before me. But then during "like a rolling stone," "wham" suddenly I felt there were fireworks going off in the backround, but it was just a light on a high pole.The rest of the cocnert went on and after we walked around the carnival. The prop sets and imitaion settings left a feeling of a fairy tale, not a concert. I later took a skyride across the top, which was a flying experience. We called a cab and I had shotgun, in one ear I hear crickets chirping unusually loud whizzing by and in the other my friend is singing "Comfortably Numb" by pink floyd. I quickly looked to my right to try to spot some of these crickets, when I saw an enormous red light, which I temporarily assumed was a burning house. We get back to the hotel and I was still feeling it.We smoked about three bowls and went to DEJA VU strip club.This was a very strange atmosphere for my state. I was mystified by the dancers and the lights in the strip club.This was the end of one great night.

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