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This trip happend a bit over a year ago.

This trip happend a bit over a year ago. Me and my best friend had purchased enough for three. My third freind never turned up so we just halved and dosed. The time was about 4:00 pm so we decided just to mellow out and wait for the onset, This was my freinds first experience and my 4th experience but I had never ate as much as this, i estimate to be about 4 grams each. We bounced on my trampoline for a while and soon began to feel our vision distort and type of energy flow in us, We laughed for no reason at somthing and ran down the back of property to the river bed which was dry cause it was summer(this is in Australia). I felt like a bush turkey and I think my freind did as well. We walked up the dry river bed which felt like we walked almost a kilometre but was really about 80 Metres. Where we sat down on a log while the trip got more intense. I looked up and the sky seemed to be more blue in a certain spot. While I was spinning out doing this my freind must have stood up. I ran my hand through my hair and turned around to find the weirdest look on his face. he started talking about life and then said somthing about the river which really freaked us both out. For some reason we had to get away from the river, which all of a sudden seemed dark and evil. We ran to our scooters(well, he's got a scooter and Ive got a postie bike, both unlicenced and decided we had to find a big hill and get to the top of it. We got to the first intersection off my road where for some reason while crossing the road I saw the sun just beginning to set. I stopped in the middle of the intersection, Turned off my bike and looked at the orange clouds, This brought a whole new definition of orange into my vocabulary. My freind had kept on riding and must have noticed I wasnt with him, The next thing I remember was him saying for me to get off the road in case a car comes. He seemed to be panicing but the sunset had just totally been so beutiful that I want worried about cars. I took his advice and we went to these quarries up on this mega big hill. There was this huge pile of rocks, each one was like2 metres or somthing all piled up. We climed up and sat on these rocks, the trip was getting really strong and I started having to grit my teeth and sqint my eyes just to try not to lose reality. Before long it was too late and I only realized that I was on a trip, I kept saying to myself, "Thats why they call it a trip" and freiked out on this. My freind was experiencing the same thing. Saying "what have I done to myself". We tried to walk around to feel more straight but this only made me trip harder. I started thinking about my life and saw all the shit in it. We made this weird triangle idea that would fix us. It started with the first point with cigarretes and alcohol, the second was my plants, my smoking mull and selling to freinds, and the third was trips. I was supposed to start by stopping cigarretes and alcohol, I was ready to go home and pull about 20 plants. 3 in full bloom. and burn about 10 others hanging in my attic curing. Then the last step was to never trip again. I was sooo convinced of this at the time and so was my freind, We were even about to go around to our freinds housed and tell them of this revelation. After what seemed like about a day(really 2 hours) we started coming down. I looked at my freinds eyes, there was no iris showing, Fully dialted, he looked like a koala, we drove to another spot on our scooters and then went home. Realized how stupid our plan was, smoked some very nice buds and mellowed out. Oh yeah, earlier on my freind punched a poster that has an alien saying "take me to your dealer" and put a crack in my wall. He looked at it and freiked , then hit it. We were gone. I dont know what level trip this is so I put in it the middle.I thought way to much and way to fast, what an experience is all I can say. I hope to trip again soon. As for the mull, I have quit that, I find it only makes me think slow, and ciggaretes are gone, I dont deal to any freinds or grow anymore. Shroom on, spead the love , and be prepared.

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