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The Oregon Kind

WHat's up peoples.

WHat's up peoples. I am a college student at California now, but I went to High School in Lake Oswego, ORegon. In Oregon there is a lot of two things, rain and bud. One oddly sunny day in Oregon me and three other friends decided to try mushrooms for the first time. I felt I was ready to trip because I had tried a miniscule amount of shrooms before and felt.....well, something. SO I wanted to go the whole nine yards this time. ONe of my friends hooked up the shrooms, two eighths for $20 a piece, and all four of us were supposed to munch. But anxiety took over two of them and only one person and me decided to eat. I ate more than half the eighth, my buddy ate the whole thing. We ate them str8 up and to tell you the truth, they didn't taste that BAD!!! I mean they tasted horrible, but I was never about to gag or hurl. All you really need is some water and you can take it. So anyways, there's this arcade in Oregon called "Wunderland" that has games for 10 cents, so we decided to go there to start the trip. About 45 minutes later, while playing Street Fighter 2, I started tripping. I was staring at the characters in the game and felt as if the person I was playing as was an extension of me. Every kick and punch was emotional and real to me. I beat a few enemies and then all the bells and whistles going off distracted the hell out of me. It was great. I then moved on to CRuisin USA and that blew my mind. I highly suggest you try a racing game while tripping, it's intense. After that another friend of ours got off work at the Olive Garden and he had a three foot bong in his van. He had bud, and so did we, so we loaded a bowl and toked to the heavens. Two minutes later I was flying high, just perfectly relaxed and at ease. We all went to Burger King, I wasn't even hungry, and ordered some food. When we pulled there was a pretty good looking broad at the window so me and my tripping friend started talking to her. I think she knew something was up 'cause she was really hesitant in answering our questions, which I thought were perfectly valid. I felt really sorry for her because she was behind that counter passing out food while I was passing through a new world. After that we smoked another bong rip and chilled. I'll speed along here. THe whole world went to different colors, monocolors. FOr instance, there was the orange world, which was really exciting and happy, and the blue world, which made me introspective and solemn. Later on, at about two in the morning, my tripping friends brother was really tired from all the dank we smoked and wanted to crash. Me and him were WIDE awake and still wanted to smoke. So he gave us the bag, warning us not to smoke it all, and went to sleep. We went outside to the car and loaded the FATTEST bowl in the world. When we were done I stepped out the car at walked to a tree. I started to see some sort of monkey-like animals running around all happy. I told my friend and he said he saw them TOO, which was weird. After a while the monkeys left and I went to the store to get some drink. When I went to pay for the drink I was overwhelmed by euphoria and asked the cashier how his night was going. He seemed stoned so I knew it was going alright. I walked out the store, stared up at the sky, and saw the coolest painting of stars above. I thought about how every night all the stars are there and we all just pass beneath them as if we are superior to their existence. But they were all there years, some millions of years, before us so I had a deep connection to them. Two hours after this I was coming down so I drove home and crashed. The next day I woke up refreshed and happy about the night before. All I can say is, RESPECT THE POWER OF THE MUSHROOM.

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