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the never ending night - 1st trip

Me and two of my friends (we'll call one N and one S) have been trying to get shrooms for a few months now without luck but finally we got a phone call from a friend saying he could get us some.

Me and two of my friends (we'll call one N and one S) have been trying to get shrooms for a few months now without luck but finally we got a phone call from a friend saying he could get us some. We got a ride to the guys house and picked up 9 g's of blue caps. When we got home it was around 8:30 and we decided to order a pizza to put the shrooms on. Pizza got there about 9:15 so we split up the mush and put it on the pizza and ate it gradually. After finishing it all we decided to go downstairs and watch a movie until we start to feel something. We put on into the blue and watched it for about 30 minutes before i started to feel anything. I started to feel very nervous and my heart was racing at times but i just forced myself to relax and prepare for the trip. We were starting to laugh a bit more then usual and i could tell that they were about to hit. My friends brother came home and was getting angry because we drank all the pop and none of us wanted to stick around for this so we decided to go for a walk. This is when it started. As we were walking to the path a silver car kept slowly following us and it looked almost as if a silver snake so we got nervous and ran to the path and began walking to 7 eleven. I stopped to admire the moon and stars and all the clouds were spinning around the moon back and forth and the moon was morphing into a heart. We admired the sky for about 5 minutes when we remembered we had no money so we had to go back to the house. The road where we saw the "silver snake" suddenly looked brown and turned into quicksand in the distance. The ground was now moving towards us in a mysterious kind of way. Only me and N saw the ground do this. We got the money and started back on the path to 7-Eleven. This path is right beside a highway so the lights were bluring everywhere and it was great to look at. We all noticed a HUGE bus type of thing flying down the highway which looked to be faster then anything i've ever seen in my life and it just roared past. This walk which would normally take about 20-25 mins seemed like it was taking forever. N was bouncing around and going crazy and couldn't keep himself under control and it was bothering me and S abit because we just wanted to view the lights and observe. I remember whenever I thought about something to much I would feel a heavy weight push my head and would make me dizzy for a couple of seconds. That happened about 5 times that night. We finally got to seven11 and got a bottle of water and N got fresca. We decided to take the scenic route back to N's house. I kept telling N that his fresca looked like green poison and he finally threw it out. The walk back seemed much quicker and when we got inside we all just sat on the couches trying to figure out what we feeling. I sat back in the recliner and felt like i was melting into the chair and as i fell back into it the roof and walls began to curve and invert into a wierd shape im not sure how to describe. S wasn't enjoying the experience at all and he kept saying i want to press stop, i want to press stop. I looked at the couch and all the circles began to move in a rotation around my friend and began to blend into him which kind of scared me so i sat up and went upstairs. When i went upstairs and looked at the clock it was only 11:08 and we all were so confused because it felt like we've been high for 6 hours. N went upstairs to call his girlfriend and then i began to talk with S. He kept saying wierd things that he normally wouldn't say and i wouldn't understand but the things he was saying i completely knew what he meant. We just talked for awhile and we had trouble getting things done. We were going to call girls to come over but we kept forgetting and talked about something else and the same thing about going outside to smoke a cigar. N came downstairs and explained to us how his hands were turning into spiderwebs upstairs so he got off the phone. About 30 minutes later we finally just gave up on doing anything and just sat there talking about the world and wierd stuff. We all seemed to connect and all seemed to understand eachother. Me and S finally decided for some reason that it would be better if we just went to his gf's house and crashed and i still dont know why but we did anyways. The walk took about 40 minutes and me and S tryed to figure out what the point of this night was. We finally decided that whatever we get in the world is never enough and we are never pleased so we have to do something else. We started talking about why the 9/11 terrorists would do something like they did and came to a conclusion of how they're god must actually be satan because satan promises them a good afterlife if they kill innocent people. I started to get scared after this so we just walked for a bit and finally got to his g'fs. we had a bite to eat and then layed in bed and eventually fell asleep. I have a problem with nausea when i do things so before i did shrooms i thought i was going to get sick and the hole night i felt a wierd feeling in my stomach although i did not puke. I plan to do this again maybe next weekend and go in with some new knowledge of the shrooms and hope to have another good experience with them.
That's my report :P

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