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The Nature Walk

This is my 5th or 6th time consuming shrooms, and it was the hardest trip I've ever had.

This is my 5th or 6th time consuming shrooms, and it was the hardest trip I've ever had. I was with a my friend (call him T), and I always promised him we'd both get way out of it one time. So he says he has 20$ and I asked him if he wanted to shroom. The answer is yes.
I take out about an eighth I had kept and ate it, after calling my dealer and working out a 1/4 deal for 65$. I wanted to shroom hard, so I ate the 1/8 and about 2/3 of quarter. He got what was left. I hadnt eaten for 5 hours and he hadnt for about a full day, so we were both pretty much guarenteed to shroom.
He starts shrooming hard, and I'm feelin it. Once I'm shroomin a bit harder I told him 'let's go for a nature walk'. T agrees, so we sneak out of my house at about 1 AM. We start walking down the canal and he keeps asking 'where the hell are we dude'. I kept responding with 'were in the boonies' and he would crack up. He was smoking his cigarette already but i was saving mine till i was shrooming really hard.
We got to the park, and i told him we just walked about 3 miles (it was only about half a mile)and he starts flippin out. I start climbin a tree to smoke my cigarette cuz i knew T would want some. I felt like a monkey and thought i was ment to climb trees so i got to the top and started smokin my cig. He got up somehow and i let him a drag cuz i was i didnt really care. When i ask for it back he jumps down and runs off. So we begin this wild chase around a park at 1:30 am. I finally got him and took my cig back. But i suddenly lost interest in it so i gave it back to him and told him he could have it. I start walking around looking at things, everything looking completely strange.
What felt like many, many hours later (which was only about one) i told him we should go home and watch a movie. So we took what he called an 'adventure' back and got a bunch of blankets and watched Blade II.
We set up the movie and watch it, laughing at various not so funny parts. When it was finally over at 4:30 AM we tried to go to bed but couldnt. He finally got to bed but i just lay and thought about things, drifting into my own world. I heard all sorts of noises but it was awesome. I was floating away... I snapped out of it and looked at the clock. It was 6 AM and I heard birds chirping, sun light streamed into the room through the windows. I was still shrooming. I was not tired at all so i took a shower and woke up and T said he was leaving. I gave him directions out and he left. I layed in bed and woke up at about 12:00. I was so tired but i thought about how much fun i had the night before. I shroomed from about 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM. It was insane

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