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The mind

This is a very insightful way to look into what happens in your mind when you shroom.

This is a very insightful way to look into what happens in your mind when you shroom. You may get bored with this article, but it speaks the truth for many shroomers. Enjoy the chaos. I had been planning a camping trip with my friends for over two months. One of my best friends, Shane, is in the National Guard and he had to leave for Bosnia for a year. We all decided that he should experience something euphoric before he was sent away. Shrooms was the answer. We looked for them for 2 weeks and couldn't get a hold of any. But, the night before we left, we found captain boom boom. We decided to camp near a lake so there would be more "adventures". Our tent spot was perfect. It was called "boy scout point". It's where all to boyscouts camped and roasted marshmellows. We decided to roast our brain. The tent was on top of a hill. There was a road on each side of the spot. The funny thing was that there was a lot of people at the camp ground and they were all driving golf carts up and down the roads. It was a highway. There was even a yield sign at the bottom of the hill. This would freak me out later. Four of us (Shane, Willy, Tom, and myself) took the shrooms at about 3:00 pm. My buddy Travis said be would babysit us. He had the theory that 1 in 4 people that take the shrooms would tweak out. We decided to smoke a couple of steam rollers to get the mood going and then we threw the football around, on the hill.

I noticed the sound and light getting wider, so I sat down at the picnic table. I had shroomed only once before and nothing great happed the first time. I had once read that grains in the wood looked like rivers or would breath, so I looked down and sure enough the table had purple rivers running throuh it. Tom came and sat down and right away asked me if I noticed the table. It was very comforting to have someone see what I saw. I'm alway getting freaked out from Psycadelic drugs and this relaxed me. Shane had never tripped before and that morning he told me he was born to hallucinate. I watched him disappear into the forest. He didn't come back for about 30 minutes. As I watched him walk away, I looked into the trees and I could see faces looking back at me. It reminded me of Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers and immediatelly I was freaked out. I decided that I should retreat to the tent a smoke more pot. We had bought an Oz. of Nugs so we would have enough. I was sitting in the middle of the tent, and I was too afraid to smoke. I thought that all the people in the golf carts would be able to see through the tent and catch me breaking the law. Then I started thinking. Big mistake! I thought that my parent were walking through the camp grounds coming the get me, my brother, and the Police. It's sad because I'm 23, my parents weren't going to do shit, my brother was cool with it, and so on. I was tweaking out. Travis came into the tent and I asked him if we should play cards so I could get my ming off of things. Everybody gathered in the tent and we dealt the cards. When it came to be my turn I didn't know what to do so I just sat there. Travis said, "You alway do this Tony"
"You don't even want to play cards". I felt so bad that I walked out of the tent. He wasn't even mad at me I just thought he was. Things got worse for me. Willy, Shane and Tom walked over to the lake so I followed. I was so afraid of what was going on that I asked Willy if I was going to die. He said "I don't know", "Maybe". I went fucking nuts in my head. Not only that, but Tom went back to Travis and told him that I was freaking him out. Willy disappeared and Tom and I went back into the tent. This time I had no problem smoking the dope. We smoked so much. I decided that I was going to die that afternoon and I came to peace with myself. By this time it's only 4:00 pm. All of a sudden I was peaking, I realized I wasn't going to die, and I was the luckiest man alive. I had what I thought was a near death experience and I couldn't wait to go outside and see life how it was for the first time. Shane came back and we went to the lake and found a dog to play with. All of a sudden I realized we needed more fire wood. I ran back to the camp spot, grabbed Willy's hatchet, and started chopping down a tree. In broad daylight I was illegally cutting down a tree. Everyone was freaked out, but I didnt' quit until the job was done. Then I decided my mission was the role the biggest joint I've ever rolled. Did it. Smoked it. I don't know what else happeded after that but all of us ended up in the tent on our sleeping bags laughing. We couldn't stop. A couple of hours later we were done tripping so we got wasted and stoned the rest of the night. The next couple of days I was retarded, but it was worth it. I'm going to shroom again this weekend. Shane got 7 days leave and it's time to get crazy.

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