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the mercedes and us

One day i wanted to do shrooms with my friend marina so we decided, what the hell, and called up our dealer mike to get us some.

One day i wanted to do shrooms with my friend marina so we decided, what the hell, and called up our dealer mike to get us some. It was a friday night and we met this guy right behind a church to pick up our shit. We thought we might as well get a bag each, even though we probally wouldn't eat all of them. As soon as we got them we started munching down, marina didn't want to drive while shrommin, so we got our friend carmen to drive us to our other friends house (jordan). Jordan was kinda having a party, but me and marina didn't really feel like being there so we got carmen to drive us back to my house. We were kinda gettin mad cuz we weren't really feeling it and boredom was setting in. At about 1:00am we got back to my house, feeling only a little bit fucked up, so we thought what the hell and ate the rest of the zoomers. There was another party goin on about half an hour away so us two got into her mercedes car and started driving away. It wasn't long that we were on the road that they started hiting us bigtime!! At first everything was all good then there was all this fog that started to "appear". I thought it was just the weather so we didn't really think anything of it! Until it got really bad, at one point we were driving down in this valley thing and the fog got so thick that you couldn't even see the hood of the car!! i screamed "STOP MARINA!!" She slammed on the brakes and we sat there for a minute laughing and how stupid we were acting, and finally we started driving again. As soon as we got out of the valley the fog disappeared and we saw car headlights coming towards us! It did not even look like the car was in its right lane, it actually looked like it was coming head on towards us!! Marina swerved into the shoulder to avoid it, only to see that it was in the right lane!! We were totally screwed at this point and just wanted to get to the party, it seemed like we had been travelling for hours when we had only been for about 20minutes! As we were pulling into the town where bryces house was we were on the peak of our trip! I told marina that i didn't think we should have eaten the amount of shrooms that we did!! I told her that i thought we could have overdosed, i don't know how she even drove! Everything was totally fucked, i couldn't see anything, nothing made sense, it seemed as the whole world was a blur!! i didn't want to be around anyone but marina because i didn't think anyone would understand me. I tried to convince marina to go back but as we got to the front on the house, marinas boyfriend and another one of our friends came out to see us. They told us we had better come in, we were both kinda uneasy about going in, but finally did. As we were walking it felt as though we were walking on waves, up and down, it felt like i was floating!! When i turned my head everything zoomed past my eyes, like it was in fast forward or something...i didn't know what was happening!! people tried to talk to us but we were off in our own little worlds!! All these things were running in my mind, and whenever i closed my eyes i would see a big-ass factory made of all these colours swirling together in these weird designs!! I had to get away from all those people so i went to the washroom and totally tripped out there looking at my reflection, then something bad happened!! i lost my voice completely!! I tried talking and nothing came out but these pathetic squeaking noisies!! i needed marina to be there with me, but i didn't know how to get her since i couldn't talk and was totally out of my mind!! I stumbled out to the living room and found marina on a chair with matt and I pulled her sleeve to come with me, she gave me a weird look and asked what i was doing!! of course i couldn't answer her so i just mointioned towards the bathroom and hoped she understood!! but what was i talking about?? she was just as screwed as i was!! so i just grabbed her sleve and practically dragged her to the bathroom, once i had shut the door she asked me what was wrong! i squeaked out that i had lost my voice!! Marina started laughing so hard and i told her not to, which made us both laugh even harder! I found some buckleys cough shit in the medicine cabnit and i drank lots of it, but nothing worked!! I was on a totally bad trip, i mean how many people can say this happened to them?? finally when we began to come down at about 5:00 am we drove back to the city so she could drop me off!! all in all the night was a blast, full of many fucked up times, and i would have to say for the both of us that that was one night we will never forget!! hey marina!!

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