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The Man in da window

well this was on a sunday night.

well this was on a sunday night....about 12am.....i was looking at this page and i started thinking....why not trip right now...so i took about 7 shrooms or 8,,,i can't remember.And i poped in the movie Small Soldiers....by the time the movie was half way over i started to see red orbs floating in my room...wich was pretty cool.when the movie was over i started watching a christian music channel,i don't know why.then the red orbs apeared again,but this time they were turning colors....1 of them flew to my window and turned a bright red then white,,,i was tripping out......then it morhped into a man,he started walking around my room and fading away and coming back...i was scared at first,then i went into the living room and sat down....i looked at my TV and the mans face was on it...then the TV started melting and my walls were moving closer towards me....and for the last remaining hours of the trip the man was walking in my house and walls,furnature,and other stuff was morhping and melting...it was soooo cool....hopefully next time would be even better.....

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