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Camping Trip with friends

All of my friends recently went on a camping trip up to the mountains in our home town.

All of my friends recently went on a camping trip up to the mountains in our home town. On a Saturday morning we all went out for a walk, found some good places where we thought the trip would make us feel wonderful. We went back to our campsite and ate lunch. We all decided that we should just trip at our campsite so we could be familiar with our surroundings. I ate about a gram and a half and went walking around for a while to watch the city on a huge rock. I started getting a little wobbly so we all went back to our camp site. I lyed down on my sleeping bag next to my boyfriend and closed my eyes. When I opened them back up, I could tell I was tripping. My eyes were getting all jittery and the colors around me were really vivid. I was looking up at the sky watching them move over me, then I looked at the tent and the whole thing was moving in and out. The wind was wonderful and the music in the background was all distorted. I had a lollipop in my mouth at the time, and completely forgot it was there until I touched my mouth. I had this really weird feeling like I was only alive in my head and that my body was just something attached. I also felt like my body was off to the side of me, so I kept on missing my mouth when I took a sip of water. For a while the only thing i was thinking about was the taste of the lollipop that was in my mouth, and the color blue. I ended up getting up, and that is when it really hit me. I could not get my shoes on at all. I had to have my friend come and help me. I sat down with her and while she was speaking, I felt like I was the one talking, but in reality she was. We both started cracking up at the littlest things, and that went on for a good hour or so. We were laughing so hard that we were crying. We got up and threw the beach ball around, and let me tell you, I had no idea that my reflexes were going to be that good while I was shrooming. It was like I knew where the ballgggggg was going to go, kinda like slow motion. When I was walking I felt like I was floating above the ground. There is tons more but I dont want to write it all. Hope you all have good experiences too!

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