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the mall trip

ok so this is my first time trippin and it was 2 days before school started.

ok so this is my first time trippin and it was 2 days before school started.. my friend and i each ate 2 grams each and soon found out we had no where to trip safely, he eventually convinced me and we took the city bus there. it was very weird when it first started off, i seemed pretty out of it and these girls were talking to me and i was like whoaaa.. you know, just chilled so we finally get to the mall and im starting to hear differently, it was SOOOO crazy though because it was 2 days before school so tehre were tons of people there, boy was it loud. all i haerd was everyone talking so loudly and i could hear it pulse in my ears like i was a madman. eventually i started hallucinating and i looked at the colored tile on the floor, there were specs of color everywher but the black specs really stood out. the tile seemed to twist and swirl as the black specs came closer to me. we then went into the discovery channel store, WOW that stuff is SO COOL on shrooms! we ended up meeting with some friends at the foodcourt, i was probably near my peek because everything was so slow, and when they talked it was so longggg.. i just kept getting distracted by all hte people and plants and colors it was really cool. the only thing that bothered me was the security gaurds, i couldn't help but be paranoid and there was wayy to many people.. especially for my first time! that was the only bad part about that trip, so i would never go there again. i didnt really have time to just sit there and stare at stuff, i got worried constantly but then ould forget what was going on. we hten saw SWAT and the beginning scene kicked ass! i wasnt really all there on it, but the gun shots were so loud and long and the voices and it was so fast paced! it was cool! ha so i think my trip could have been better, but next time i will defiantly just chill at a house!

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