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The Loss and Gain

After consuming an 8th of an unknown species (looked much like an eq strain) and my compadre taking about half an 8th, we came back to the dorms, I know my stomach felt a little queasy but I knew this was normal from the many relentless hours reading and studying the shroomery.

After consuming an 8th of an unknown species (looked much like an eq strain) and my compadre taking about half an 8th, we came back to the dorms, I know my stomach felt a little queasy but I knew this was normal from the many relentless hours reading and studying the shroomery.org website wanting to trip more than anything.

I had two more 8th’s in my pocket and once I got back I gave them to the person they belonged to. My room mate was already starting to send out some negative vibes, which I knew was bad to be around… my partner on my adventure left and I of course followed because I know I should stay with him. Neither of us had tripped on shrooms before, nor could anything compare to those wonderful things. Another good friend down the hall was talking about the movie “trainspotting” which is a movie I loved… so we grabbed another guy from across the hall and the four of us headed off to blockbuster. One of the guys with a straight head was driving. I could feel the mushrooms start to take hold, feeling like I was young again, all hyper, pink floyd started blasting through the cabin.

When we got back and came into my room my room mate started being a little pissed. Because we were tripping and he wasn’t, and there wasn’t any shrooms that hadn’t been accounted for (claimed). My compadre (tripping partner) started to get upset and left, and I did the same of course. Then we took off full speed down the steps and burst through the front door. Walking across the little field between buildings, we decided that we would go to the duckpond and were going to swim. Luckily, my compadre thought that was a bad idea then wanted to do it himself. Neither of us did that night. As we walked barefoot to the duckpond, the shrooms started to grip a little harder.

The wavy path to the duckpond seem to stretch on. We walked, then saw some couples cuddling and I know my compadre didn’t want to deal with that, but I told him to stay here, and stop thinking about love and the such. I knew just saying that wouldn’t do much good, but we sat down and started looking at the asphalt walk way. A pattern emerged like a big river, we looked up and the bare tree above us, for lack of better words, just came alive. The wooden bench felt like stone, but comforting. We got up and walked down the path some more. The duckpond almost seemed to come alive. People were getting more and more scarce as it got later and later. We got to the end of the path and was going to find a place to piss and instead just settled for behind some trees. The leaves on the ground were at least 3 inches deep and felt so incredible.

My compadre was laying on the grass, so I joined him, we looked up at the trees, closed our eyes.. and the world just seemed to breath around us. Like the earth itself was just cradling us we talked. My compadre was talking how he wanted to die here. I know I didn’t want that, I talked him away from that, we got up and went back down the path. As we walked there were 3 girls singing on the gazebo over the water. Singing some familiar songs, like Amazing Grace. I thought it sounded absolutely beautiful and we walked and sat down again. Time became meaningless, as I knew it would, it felt like dawn was just about to break but it was only nearing 1 in the morning. My friend got up and walked around near the duckpond and found a bathroom. I walked to him and found myself always whispering. We usually took turns speaking about… well.. everything.
The sign that said MEN looked weirder than most of the things I’ve seen, like I was in a dream. The little walkway to the bathroom overgrown with ivy and looked like a little witches hut set in hill. Neither of us had to go, so we walked a little more. The girls who were singing were leaving and going back to their dorms. My compadre pointed them out and I asked repeatedly if he was sure that was them, they sung a little, and we both knew it was them. I told them how beautiful they sounded, and then they asked if we had any requests. I thought for a moment, and all that came to mind suddenly was pink floyd. I couldn’t help but laugh as I blurted this out to them. Not wanting them to leave I told them they could just sing anything they wanted. We sat on a little picnic table and they sat on another one about 10 feet away. They sang “color’s of the wind” and I sat and watched as they seemed to almost flow together as the air was filled with this beautiful music.

They might have been able to hear some of what we were talking about, for they were laughing a little at one point. Once they finished singing I told them again how beautiful it was and they left. “Ghetto Superstar” now fading away as they disappeared. It seemed like we lost everything then, or gained everything. We sat for what seemed like eternity but the dawn never came. We came back to find some positive energy, walking through this big crazy courtyard and across the big walkway over the road. It seemed to be getting brighter and brighter, but still only nearing like 1:30 in the morning. We stepped inside and the hallway looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Like out of “the wall”, we quickly tried to find an elevator and came up, we found our positive energy in our friend down the hall. Then they all started talking about this imaginairy girl. From that point I was lost about there conversation, nor did I really mind. My compadre left again, I don’t know if he was mad but he wanted to think, so I let him go. Listening to my friends it sounded like they were speaking gibberish occasionally, my compadre came back and J wanted to go sleep. So the four of us went outside and had a cig, lounging on the stoop trying to grasp something of reality. My compadre left again, and walked around the entire building.

A campus security guard was coming towards us and we’d get a JR for propping the door open, we took off up the steps and took cover in A and J’s room. Still a little confused by everything, emotions just kinda blurring together. Finding myself smiling a lot sometimes, I just wanted to talk to my girlfriend. She was asleep though. The confusion about this imaginairy girl only grew and grew, I still had nothing to do with it. J couldn’t go to sleep so he got up, A came in my room and got my bidi’s to smoke, cuz we smoked all of J’s cigs. We had a few and J finally went to sleep. We went back to my compadre’s room and listened to a little music and then we decided to go on a little drive. A drove and we went around, somewhere, saw a gigantic bright strobe light, some wildlife and recollected on the events that took place. I could never put into words the sheer incredible experience of shrooming. Acid was nothing like this, pot no where near it. I figured out why they call it a “trip” now. Even as I’ve read all about shrooming, nothing prepared me for that. It was the most incredible experience, turning my world into a vast pool of uncertainty now. Trying to figure out what’s real anymore and trying to remember all I learned from the experience.

I love Nature and her Magical Mushrooms.

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