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the killer gnome

my first time trying shrooms was accidental.

my first time trying shrooms was accidental...me and my friend intentionally wanted to get some weed...so we paged our guy up and he said alls he had was some mushrooms. me and my friend had never tried it so we said sure. we bought an 1/8 and went to the local 7/11 and bought a pizza sub for em...we ate the zooms around 11pm, went back to a friends house and started watching the movie "Friday"...around midnite the zooms started kicking in for me...i had a really sick stomach almost to the point of throwing up...my other friend who did them as well didnt feel them yet so he was wondering what the hell was wrong with me...we left around 1am and the minute we left our friends house we both felt it...it just hit us...we started to walk to a convience store to get some smokes....on the way to the store we walked past a backyard with no fence and saw those garden ornaments of dwarves and gnomes etc... then the gnome all of a sudden started growing...he grew to be about as big as a 6 yr old...and he had a spear! he started to chase us so we ran like hell...we got to the store and bought a pack of DuMaurier cigs...we walked past a school and looked inside...it looked like the prison from the HBO show OZ...it was all hi-tech and creepy...then we started back the way we came...that damn gnome was screeching in the forest...we could tell he was up to something...then out of nowhere he appeared right beside us! we started throwing rocks at it...as people drove by they were honking theres horns, we figured they were supporting us in our battle against the gnome...we knocked the gnome out with a big rock and continued walking...about 30 mins later we saw on the sidewalk someone had etched the numbers "187" with red lipstick..then we saw that damn gnome again ahead of us...we saw him smoked one of the same cigs that we were smoking...he was mocking us...we ran to a church real close and hit under some stairs...we were pretty sure we lost the damn gnome...we started to walk some more and every few feet we saw a empty pack of smokes that the gnome was smoking earlier...we figured these empty packs had to be his trademark...finally around 6 am we decided to walk home...and on the way to my house we walked by the forest...we heard the gnome laughing...he was laughing at us and i tell you i was never more scared in my life then when that gnome was laughing....and the whole time walking home we could hear it...i almost broke down...and that is the end of my first trip on zooms.

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